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Creative People on the Forum

Creative People on the Forum

Each time we have a quarterly challenge, there is a place to post everyone’s creations on the forum. This first quarter challenge has really brought in some great ideas and entries. The challenge was to use a flat resist in felting in a way that you hadn’t before. You can read more about the 1st Quarter Challenge here. I thought it would be fun to show you what everyone has created so far. And if you haven’t done anything for the challenge, there is still time as it lasts through the end of March!

These are in no particular order and I am using people’s forum user names rather than their real names. If you’d like to join us on the forum, please click on the forum button on the side bar, we’d love to have you!

These entries are from Frances. She made a rosebud pod, a vessel within a vessel and a scarf with a sleeve. You can see how to make the rosebud pod here.

ann vessel

Ann showed us her version of using a book resist in a previous post but I wanted to show you this configuration of it that she posted on the forum. If you want to know what a book resist is, please take a look at this tutorial post written by Terri here.

Carole aka craftywoman created the layered pod above. We all decided it had a very interesting organic look to it.

Next up is this puppet created by Janekiwi. You can see the resist that she used and the finished puppet on the right. His name is Garlic 🙂

Jill in progress

Jwugg created an “octopod”. Here is the in progress photo where she is using a book resist.

octopod 1

And here is the result. Just love this photo out in his habitat.

lyn giraffe crackles

Lyn posted two pieces using the same “cracked mud” technique using resists to create the cracked effect.

These pieces were created by Blythwhimsies. She used metallic fabric under resists in the top two photos and used a different resist than she had before in the vessel in the bottom two photos.

Mwes created the two vessels above. You can see the layouts/early felting stages on the left and the finished vessel on the right.

These projects were created by Halay. She used some different shaped resists than she had in the past.

Smiff created two different vessels with different book type resists. It is interesting to me that shaping makes all the difference in the world when you use these types of resist. Making the “leaves” become indentations really gives an entire different look to a vessel. Also where you cut the resist out makes a huge difference as well.

I believe Zed already showed her entry on a post here of her flower shaped pod.

The hats above were all created by Teri Berry. She used a variety of resist shapes and added some embellishing techniques including adding foil to her flame hat. All of us on the forum decided she should get a Royal Appointment to make hats for the Queen.

zara vest

Zara created this nuno felted patch mosaic vest on a resist type she hadn’t used before. You can see the variety of fabrics she used in the close-ups.

And I already showed you mine on a prior post but here’s the “thing” I made with a book shaped resist.


A late addition by Luvswool, a cat cave.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing everyone’s creations. The creativity is astounding and I hope that if you haven’t tried something for the challenge that you will be inspired to try felting with a resist in a way you haven’t in the past. It was great fun and we have had a wonderful exchange of ideas on using resists on the forum. So join the fun! Do share anything with us by adding it to the challenge thread on the forum.







Third Birthday Giveaway #4

Third Birthday Giveaway #4

Today is my turn for a birthday giveaway.  What better way to celebrate than with fiber!

Since I received my new drum carder, I’ve been making good use of it for my projects, but it also gave me the opportunity to offer batts for the giveaway.

2014-11-15 14.59

The  “Santa” batt is 1.4 ounces and contains red hand dyed Cheviot, black Corriedale, black bamboo, angelina, mulberry silk and three shades of red merino along with some gold floss.

The “Ocean” batt is one ounce and contains hand dyed teal/turquoise Domestic 56, Romney and alpaca/silk; three shades of merino, angelina and mulberry silk.

The “Purple People Eater” has hand dyed Cheviot in purple, purple haze, and gray along with five shades of purple merino and a purple/red merino silk mix.  It is 1.3 ounces.

2014-11-15 14.58

To enter please  leave a comment below on this post before Saturday, November 29.  I will draw a name randomly from the comments. The winner will be announced in my post on November 30. Anyone can win, no matter where you live. Please contact me with your snail mail address if you win to make sure I know where to send  your prize.  Anonymous comments won’t work. Be sure to spread the word and share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other  social media or just tell your friends. Thanks!

Good luck!