2022 Third Quarter Challenge

2022 Third Quarter Challenge

Calling all felters, spinners, weavers, knitters, crocheters, sewists and any other fibre crafters!

This challenge has a floral theme and the aim is to have some fun making something inspired by flowers, grasses, seed-pods, seeds or leaves etc – realistic or imaginary.  You can make just a sample or a finished piece, and it can be for artistic or practical purposes.

We’ve dug back through our photos for a few of our ‘floral’ efforts depicted in various fibre mediums:

Needle felted corsage with beads – brooch back stitched to reverse.

Holly leaves stitched and cut from pieces of colourful handmade felt.

Leaves cut from handmade silk paper then felted into merino fibres.

Art Yarn reminiscent of the colours and textures of a summer flower border.

Free motion embroidery – black thread on calico – inspired by photo of plants in the canteen at work.

Free Motion Embroidery – black thread and acrylic paint on calico – inspired by rudbeckia in the garden.

Flowers cut from a piece of fabric and enhanced with stitching to make a greeting card.

Handmade felt rudbeckia and hydrangea enhanced with acrylic paint to make a table centre – inspired by a hydrangea growing up through rudbeckia.

3D felted spring flowers, pushing up through snow, handmade felt table runner.

Felt and free motion stitching of dogwood stems and rudbeckia seed heads.

Handmade felt appliqued with free motion stitching to fabric.

Handmade felt appliqued with free motion stitching onto handmade felt.

Rose – crocheted with embroidery silks then sewn onto a bag.

Handmade felt flowers with free motion and hand stitching to make a card topper.

Wet and needle felted imaginary flowers.

Free motion stitching – black thread on handmade felt.

We are looking forward to seeing what you make for the floral challenge and there is now an easy way to post your photos:




14 thoughts on “2022 Third Quarter Challenge

  1. Now that one I can do! Hopefully I’ll get round to it before too long. I’m not shouting about it too soon, but I think my mojo is properly back after attending a special nuno felt making and dyeing workshop at the beginning of June. Hope to get picture(s) up in the not too distant future.
    Thanks for all the lovely inspirational photos Lyn. You and Annie have some lovely artifacts there.

  2. OOOOO This is cool! In the words of that wonderful detective ‘my little grey cells’ are kicking back into action.

  3. Great challenge choice, Lyn and Annie. I love seeing all the examples, some I have seen before and others I don’t remember seeing. Now to see if I can manage to get this quarter’s challenge completed. I took photos for the first one but never got anything accomplished. Time flies, doesn’t it? I’m not sure how it’s July already.

    1. There is never enough time to make things !! Yes time is passing too quickly – it feels as if we had Easter Eggs just a few weeks ago.

  4. Oohhh! This looks like an interesting challenge. So many different directions one could go in!

  5. A great challenge….hope I can achieve it this time, not just do it in my head. Already I’m a month late!!!
    All your collective samples are wonderful & totally inspiring.

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