Three Goals in One Project

Three Goals in One Project

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from the states. I hope you are enjoying a wonderful day with friends and family.

Last week, my friend Deb told you about her experience with nuno felting. This is the piece that I made during that nuno party.

The plan was to get a nuno felt piece completed at the party. This piece is only about 5″ x 5″ and I planned to get at least one more done but somehow I didn’t manage that. The other two goals were to create a colorscape for the 4th quarter challenge and to use the end result as one of my Level 3 color studies.

So the color scheme is red orange, green and blue. I originally thought I would lay green threads on top and then couch them down. Then I would add some french knots as poppies? But here I go being too literal again. It was just supposed to be a “colorscape”. I needed to keep it simple.

So I found some thin, hand dyed green thread and added it in with running stitch, also called Kantha stitch.

Then I added the red orange thread in Kantha as well. I like how the Kantha mimics the same texture as the nuno felted silk. So here is my colorscape for the 4th quarter challenge which is also going to be part of my homework for class and it was completed at our group meeting. So I managed to get three things off my list in one piece. Yay!


10 thoughts on “Three Goals in One Project

  1. The kantha stitches make a nice added texture. Gives me an idea of how to get some air movement into a quilt I’m working on.

  2. The kantha stitches go really well into the nuno felt. I agree that it’s reminiscent of an arid landscape … and is that a stunted, parched tree on the horizon?
    It will be interesting to see what others can read into it even though no meaning was intended.

    The nuno texture and stitching make a great colourscape! And you have a win,win,win piece. Brilliant.

    1. Thanks Lyn! It always amazes me what others see in a piece. I really enjoyed doing this piece and I plan on doing more in a similar fashion 😊

  3. Definitely a landscape (with a lonely tree) as we are all programmed to read a blue sky above the horizon. If you had turned it vertical and done the Kantha stitch horizontally would we still think it was a landscape?
    Definitely a triple win & oodles off your to do list.

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