Level 3 Studies in Art & Design Exhibition

Level 3 Studies in Art & Design Exhibition

I completed my course of Level 3 Studies in Art & Design at the Gail Harker Center for Creative Arts in March. Our class had an exhibit and I wanted to show you a portion of the exhibit. These photos included my work as well as work of my classmates with their permission. Hopefully, all of the photos are in the right orientation, sorry to my classmates if I made any errors.

Here we are after receiving our diplomas. From left to right, Ellen, Ruth, JP, Tesi and Gail.

Here is the new center in downtown La Conner, Washington. Our class had the first exhibit in this space.

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Here is the set up of the entire space. We were just finishing up hanging all the artwork and getting everything cleaned up.

These are shots of one of the walls in the back where we had a variety of work hung and includes work from Ellen, Tesi and myself. It was a really interesting process in figuring out what worked together and how to hang pieces as a group.

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This is a slideshow of Ellen’s work. You can read more about her thoughts on the course here. 

The flower arrangements were done by Carla, Ellen’s sister. You can see in the first set of photos the arrangements that were scattered throughout the room.

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Here’s a slideshow of JP’s work. Here is a post that tells more about her thoughts on the class.

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This artwork was created by Tesi. In this post on Gail’s blog, she describes how the class allowed her inner child to emerge.

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And the last slideshow is of my work. Here’s the post where I talk about the class and what I learned.

And if you’d like, you can watch this video of my work as it hung in the show. There is no commentary and shows most of the same artwork that you have already seen in the slideshow. But it does give an all around view of the carved books. The last part of the video shows that back wall where there is a mix of work by Ellen, Tesi and me.

I hope you enjoyed a look into our exhibit. It was two and half years of hard work but I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I have no connection to Gail Harker other than having taken her classes but I would highly recommend any of her courses. They are well worth the investment and I have seen my artwork improve immensely since taking her courses. So if you’re anywhere close to Washington state in the US, check out her link at the top of this post for classes beginning soon.

19 thoughts on “Level 3 Studies in Art & Design Exhibition

  1. Really enjoyed all the photos and the video brought the whole thing to life. The exhibition set-up is great – clean lines that enable you to concentrate on the art.
    An achievement to be proud of!

    1. What an excellent job of summarizing all of the artwork from your class in photos and videos. It was wonderful to share my passion of Art and Design with a group such as yours.

  2. A proud and well deserved moment for & your colleagues after all the hard work and vast distances travelled.
    I echo the previous comments about the video. The space set-up certainly does provide an ideal neutral background to highlight all your artworks. I would have thought setting out the various works would have been second nature to you!

    1. Thanks Antje, setting up this exhibition was different than how I set up the store. I learned new things throughout the process.

  3. Thanks for providing a virtual tour of your exhibition. I was unable to get to see it in person so this was a great alternative. Wonderful artwork. It made me want to get into the studio and start creating.

    1. Thanks Linda, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I knew that many people that follow this blog wouldn’t be able to attend so I wanted to give a good representation of how the exhibit went.

  4. Congratulations to you and your fellow students Ruth! You’ve worked so hard over the past two and a half years but the results are definitely worth it! It’s been fun for us to share your progress along the way too, so thanks for sharing.

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