Nuno Felted Beargrass Landscape

Nuno Felted Beargrass Landscape

I am working on my third nuno felted landscape piece. This one was made with “Halloween” cloth which is some type of cheese cloth that is black but very loose weave.

Here’s the piece before stitching. I used nepps for the bear grass and then a bit of green for foreground grass and purple for the sky. I left it very loose and full of holes as I was planning on adding a background behind it. I was thinking stormy skies when I was creating it.

I then added green wool thread and couched it down for the stems and leaves. If you don’t know what bear grass is, here’s a photo.

Here’s a little closer view of the stitching. Now I had to decide on the background color. I tried a bunch. Here are a few of my choices.

I tried a bunch of shades of blue. Then I threw in an orange and a magenta to get more contrast. For stormy skies, I think the bottom left one works the best, it’s a dark blue and purple background. But I can find merit in all of the colors. Perhaps I could make a changeable background and you could insert a new background depending on your mood. But that doesn’t sound very practical. Which one do you like?


10 thoughts on “Nuno Felted Beargrass Landscape

  1. The landscape is wonderful! Very effective use of materials indeed.
    The idea of being able to change the background colour sounds good but yes a bit impractical.
    Any of the blue shades work for stormy skies – the orange and magenta suggest forest fire and thick smoke.

    1. Thanks Lyn! I agree, I think all the backgrounds work. Now to make a decision. I wish there was a practical way to use all of them.

  2. I like the orange best. perhaps because the sky looks more Smokey than stormy, Like a fire over the other side of the mountain. but of the blues I like the bottom right one,

  3. Very nice creation of flowers with nepps.
    I suggest you choose the one you like best and change the name of the piece to reflect that choice.
    Thank you for sharing you work.

  4. A very interesting Nuno piece and materials. I had never heard of Bear grass. That’s cool. I agree with Lyn blue works best for stormy skies, orange reminds me of fire as well.

    1. Thanks Marilyn, bear grass is a beautiful flower. We have loads in mountainous areas. Thanks for your opinion.

  5. Yeah, I like the idea of a changeable background, Ruth, because all of those look great! It’s amazing how the feel and mood changes with the colour. I’d not heard of bear grass.

    1. Thanks Zed, if it was practical I might have different backgrounds. Beargrass is a beautiful flower here. Not sure where else it grows.

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