Eco Print Show at Ceres Bakery in Kalispell, MT

Eco Print Show at Ceres Bakery in Kalispell, MT

My little group hung our eco printed work that we completed on retreat in September at Ceres Bakery in Kalispell on Thursday afternoon. The show will be up through the end of December so if you happen to be in Northwest Montana, please stop by to take a look.

There were four of us and one other quilt artist using the space. The bakery isn’t all that big and they have a hanging system that uses hooks and fishing line to hang artwork. I hadn’t ever used this type of system before and I have to say, it wasn’t that easy to use. But we persevered and managed to get everything hung. Sorry for the image quality, I took these very quickly on my phone.

Sally and Louise Hanging their Work

Sally and Louise got their stuff hung very quickly.

Sally's Artwork

Here’s Sally’s work. (You can click on any photo to enlarge.)

Here are a couple of her pieces a little closer. She added stitch to some of her leaf prints.

Louise's Artwork

Here’s Louise’s section of the wall.

And a few of Louise’s pieces a little closer.

Ann Brown's Art Quilts

This is the work by Ann Brown, the quilt artist. (Again, click on photos to enlarge.)

Ruth Hanging Artwork

Paula and I had issues with the hanging system. It seemed to take us forever to get anything hung. This is me balancing on a chair on top of a bench trying to hang some of Paula’s artwork.

Paula's Artwork

This is Paula’s section of the wall. Unfortunately, by the time we got finished, I forgot to take any closer photos of Paula’s pieces. Sorry, Paula!

Ruth's Artwork

Here is my section of the wall. I used watercolors to add color to my eco prints and the three pieces on the right were started at the retreat using some of the gelatin plate printed paper I made while at the retreat. If you want to see these closer, check out my posts over on Permutations in Fiber here and here.

Sally's Eco Print Art Quilt

There has been some discussion about what to do with eco printed fabric. I wanted to show this finished piece of Sally’s who mainly makes art quilts. This has been embellished and quilted and then framed.

Sally's Birch Tree

Sally also wanted me to show you her aspen tree quilt. Many times I get questions on what we do with our deconstructed screen printed fabric. The trunk of this tree was made with screen printed fabric. I think it looks great, don’t you?

Please stop by and check out the show if you are in the area!



12 thoughts on “Eco Print Show at Ceres Bakery in Kalispell, MT

  1. Whow, what a nice performance you gave there. Great difference, variations. The prints become quite different with some human creativity given to it.
    For me it is an eye opener !

  2. The little man from Health and Safety would have a fit if he saw you on the chair on the bench 🙂

    What a fabulous display! Sally’s tree trunk could not have been better and it animates the quilt.

    I hope you all get good sales from this exhibition – you deserve them.

  3. What a great variety of styles and innovation! It’s also a unique venue. Come in to buy bakery goods and treat your eyes to some eye candy on the wall. 🙂

  4. So much great stuff in one venue! I like the natural wood frames Paula used, the black ones look good, but those work really well too. And that bakery wall is just like my living room walls!

  5. Framing everyone really changes the way things look. It always surprises me how much difference it makes. those hanging line systems are not easy to use. In the show we did I found it tended to tip the pictures out at the top quite a lot. They do look g good as a group hung together. The quilts remind me on Indian pieces I’ve seen. the small restaurants here often have local artists works up for sale. It’s I really nice way to connect to the community.

    1. Thanks Ann, yes, I agree framing does make pieces look different. The pictures on the hanging lines were tipping everywhere. Another reason I didn’t like the system.

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