Third Quarter Challenge 2014

Third Quarter Challenge 2014

I have chosen (Oscar) Claude Monet as the artist for the challenge this quarter.  He was born in Paris, France in 1840 and died in Giverny, France in 1926.

MTIwNjA4NjMzOTE3NzY5MjI4Monet was named the creator of “Impressionism” because he was more concerned with light and form than realism.  The painting that inspired the name came from his painting “Impression, soleil levant (Sunrise), 1872,  which now hangs in Musée Marmottan Monet,Paris.

Impression, Sunrise 1872
Impression, Sunrise 1872

He preferred outdoors to school and amassed a huge body of work based on studies of various landscapes at different times of day, season and weather conditions to study the changes in light and form.


Japanese Bridge 3
Japanese Bridge 3
Japanese Footbridge
Japanese Footbridge















Like many artists of his time, Monet suffered from depression, poverty and illness.  However, it never dampened his passion for his work.

My only merit lies in having painted directly in front of nature, seeking to render my impressions of the most fleeting effects.”
—Claude Monet

Sunflowers The-House-Seen-From-The-Rose-Garden2-small







Claude_Monet-Madame_Monet_en_costume_japonais Claude_Monet,_Grainstacks_in_the_Sunlight,_Morning_Effect,_1890,_oil_on_canvas_65_x_100_cm

There are several good sites of his work, but this is probably the most comprehensive,  cataloging over 1700 of his works.

There are many repeating themes in his work and also a wide variety of styles throughout his long career as his style evolved.  I think there is something for everyone and a lot of it will lend itself nicely to felting and mixed media.

claude-monet-irises-detail Claude-Monet-Water-Lilies-38-Oil-Painting claude-monet-the-artist-s-garden-at-giverny-c-1900










Still-Life-With-Pears-And-Grapes-small cliff-near-dieppe

Happy creating!

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19 thoughts on “Third Quarter Challenge 2014

    1. Thanks Judith! I look forward to seeing some great challenge pieces.

  1. I would never have chosen him, based on the most popular paintings I know about, but there are a lot on that site that are gorgeous, far nicer than the ‘usual’ ones. I do like that purpley one in the post too. This should be another good one 🙂

    1. Thanks Zed! I’m glad I didn’t steal your idea. 🙂 This was a last minute change, I had been considering a couple of others, but I ran across that site I knew he was the one. Then I remembered having seen an exhibit of his in Dallas a number of years ago and of course, seeing his paintings here at the Museum of Art. I think it will be fun.

  2. Monet seems to be more difficult (to me) than the previous one but worth trying. We’ll see, Thanks Marilyn.

    1. Thank you Nada! Remember his philosophy was painting nature thru his eyes and studiing the effects of light and form. He never copied the masters just painted what he saw. I’m sure you’ll find one of his works to inspire you or do your own. Just have fun!

  3. What a great artist to be inspired by – I’ve seen quite a few paintings go his live and they certainly don’t disappoint. Can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with! 🙂

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