Farewell 2012

Farewell 2012

Well this hasnt been the best year for us with lots of things happened that i do not want repeated for next year. I didnt think i’d accomplished much of anything this year due to illness, floods,  ripping our house apart, renewing floors, kitchen and then just when i think were getting back to normal, illness strikes again.  So  i’m writing this year offffffff and really looking forward to next year. I apologise for being awall so much but it really has been one thing after another.

So all my well layed plans for 2012 are practically non – existant and to be honest without me going back through some of the post i couldnt think of what, if anything that i’d accomplished this year ,  i’ve missed so much time for  felting and i hope that next year will be a lot kinder to me.

When i did look back i was happy to see that i had actually done a few things lol  But  Number 1 on my list was my word for the year ( Willingness)  and i did start out being very willing to learn lots of new things but it came to a screeching halt early on in the year and it took a lot longer than expected to get everything back in order and then i was over most things and found it quite hard to get back to where i was.

So this is  what i did do this year

i learnt how to make textile beads, that was actually one of my highlights as i thoroughly enjoyed that and i will be learning more about that in the new year,


I also finished an online course with Victoria Crowder Payne at Freedom of Stitch and loved that one to,  this is my birds nest using stitch, yarn, pressed flowers and paint . Also my tree using paint and different stitches

nest tree

I did start out doing the weekly taste but sadly gave up on that, although i still might look it all back up again for next year as i was really enjoying learning all the different stitches.

I made a couple of bags which arent finished yet,  but i did finish some felted flowers


and i’ve made quite a few book covers,  Zed and Heather completely inspired me to try these and i’m pretty well hooked on them


And my paverpol ladies or paverpollies are so fun to make that i will do the course next year to become a teacher and incorporate them into some felts, dont know how yet but i guess i’ll work that out as i go lol


I was also very happy and totally surprise to be the winner of one of Heathers gorgeous bags, it hasnt arrived yet but when it does i’ll take some pics to show it off. I was so excited to win her giveaway and i cant wait to recieved it.

I recieved some lovely surprise packages from Zed, Ann and Ruth, i know i’ve said thankyou but i just wanted to show them off to,  Yours are still all on their way 🙂

from the girls

And last but not least there’s our gorgeous girl Charlie who is just about to turn 1 year old, she’s been the absolute highlight of this whole year and such a happy well contented baby who happens to really love her nana lol


I hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas and wishing you all a brilliant 2013 xo

17 thoughts on “Farewell 2012

  1. Karen, don’t beat yourself up about it – you got quite a lot done with all you had to handle. Isn’t Charlie a darling? It should be about time to start teaching her how to felt 🙂 All the best in 2013!

    1. Thankyou Ruth and yes Charlie is a gorgeous little thing, she loves playing with wool so you just never know xo

  2. Lets just all hit that reset button and start over. That is the great thing about a new year. It is a chance to begin again. That is what I plan to do also. I neglected a lot of book reading in order to finish work for deadlines. So this year, I will get to all those books that I wanted to read.

  3. 2012 wasn’t a total write off – providing you ignore all the bad bits, there are loads of very good bits and the best bit of all was Charlie.

    Willingness showed through as you battled with one thing after another – you were willing to sort things out and willing to carry on.

    2013 will be brilliant.

    1. Thankyou Lyn not a total right off at all and Charlie is the best bit lol I do believe that 2013 will be Brilliant for all of us 🙂

  4. I think you did very well with all that was going on. Learning two brand new skills and some new stitches and helping (and playing with) with a wonderful new grand baby .

  5. Love your flowers and I have done funky flowers this year too. MIne are bigger but I think I have to take a picture from above as they don’t look as well in pictures. Love that journal cover too.The way the colors meld together is wonderful and the beads are great. Did you do that with merino wool?? I also have to learn how to do something like Zeds silk paper. I like to make my own decorative wall hangings….Linda Spreen

    1. Thankyou Linda xo I love making flowers but still trying to perfect them properly ! I’d love to see a pic of yours. I think that journal cover is my favorite, it was just one that seem to work and i did use merino, bfl and a whole piece of silk fabric . The beads are made using tyvek and melting with a heat gun, lots of fun. Zed’s silk papers are gorgeous arent they and there fun to do as well. Hope you find lots of time to create everything you want to do for 2013 xoxo

  6. That picture of Charlie is adorable, Kaz 🙂
    You really did have a lot to contend with this year, and you got a surprising amount done considering all that and your job 🙂
    You really did enjoy the notebooks, and they look great.

    1. Thanks Zed I know i’m biased but isnt she just !!!! and i do love making them zed , there a lot of fun xo

  7. Overall, I would say I had a blessed year as I got to meet All my new friends in this fiber circle. I also learned how to felt which was a new beginning foo me. I want to thank you all for sharing your creative product with me. Karen I love your felting, especially your book cover, felted flowers. Thanks again to everyone for helping me to better felter. Josie the newbie

    1. Aww Thankyou Josie, I’m glad you found us and Felting and i’m looking forward to sharing and learning a lot more fibery fun for 2013 xoxo

  8. Karen,
    You fe welcome. Sorry about the few typos in my previous post. I’m not sure how the spell check works so I need to read back before I hit send.

  9. Belated New Year greetings Karen. Would be good if we got the good and the bad in even patches to balance it out. You have shared that life is not always easy, yet your creations (love your paverapol ladies),comments and photos ( big fan of Charlie too) have remained positive and encouraging.
    Much Thanks for all the effort and time you founding four have put in to make this such a positive, inspiring and wonderful felting resource. All the best for 2013.

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