My Year in 2012

My Year in 2012

My Brand New  2012

What an awesome start to our year with the birth of our very first Grandchild, a girl called Charlie,   this will set the good vibes rolling throughout the year and I know its going to be amazing

Following Ruth, I haven’t made a resolution but I’ve decided on a word instead, I’ve been trying to think of  one  that will set my scene for the year and I’ve written down  5

Change, Trust, Adventure, Belief  & Willingness

I’ve spent the last year or more being  kind of suspended ,  I have had a bit to deal with in the later part of 2011  but I was still not really believing that I have what it takes to follow my dreams.  Not being able to trust  that I could really begin my adventure into the world of  Felting and Fibre Art but working on the new Studio Site with my friends has made me realize that if i have the willingness  to change my way of thinking,  I can do anything.

So my word for 2012 is  Willingness and no matter what I try , my Willingness to learn and focus will be foremost in my mind and my work,  I guess I could have chosen any one of those 5 words as they all have a meaning for me ,  but,  without the Willingness  to Believe, Trust and Change then I’ll have no Adventure at all !

So with my Adrenaline Running on Willingness  I would like my 2012 to be one of creativity,  to learn and share and be the best person I can be.

  • I’ll be giving much more attention to The Studio Site and our Virtual  Forum
  • I’ll be starting a 6 week online course with Victoria Crowder Payne in Feb called the Mixed Media Stitch Journal
  • I’ve already started working on Take a Stitch Tuesday  and creating my very own book of  stitches
  • I’ll be working on some embellished Journal Covers and Wall Hangings
  • I’ll be getting to know more about Fibres and making up some sample pieces as well as laying out my favorite fibres to use in mixed media  backgrounds
  • I’ll be practicing  more on creating better textile beads
  • I’ll be working harder on my Etsy Store and adding more items to that
  • I’ll spend less time on the computer and more time at my work table
  • And I’ll also be spending time Babysitting my Beautiful Brand New Granddaughter !

Small steps I know compared to most but I’m happy and im healthy

So am I wearing my Willingness Hat ?

YES I AM  !!!!!!

6 thoughts on “My Year in 2012

    1. Thankyou Ruth, I’m looking forward to a very creative year and excited to see what everyone else does to 🙂

  1. Charlie is gorgeous 🙂
    You have a lot planned, I hope you enjoy the Mixed Media Stitch Journal course. I’m looking forward to seeing what you make this year 🙂

    1. Thanks Zed I’m really looking forward to my course and looking forward to seeing what we all create this year 🙂

  2. You should have a very busy and happy year with a beautiful grandchild to look after, spoil and make things for.

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