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Demo at the Farm Show

Demo at the Farm Show

It was time for our spring farm show. It’s a trade show for Farmers. There is machinery , equipment, Information an animals and buildings and and just about anything you can think of that a farmer might be interested in. The best part to me is the antique display because I get to be one. The guild I belong to, the Ottawa Valley Weavers and Spinners Guild helps out with a display and demonstration. On the day I was there, there were two of us. Neither of us are weavers so we did Carding, Spinning, and Felting. They were short of space in the room the antiques were in so we ended  up out in the hall to attract people in.

her are to pictures of our display. you can see some machinery outside.

Farm Show Demo Display

Here is Merilyn spinning on an spinning wheel that is a one of a kind home made, she bought 3rd or 4 hand. My ashford traveler is set beside her. you don’t get  a picture of me because I had the camera.

Marilyn demonstrating spinning.

Across from us doing a different kind of spinning was the rope maker. he was so popular with the kids that he got blisters.  After spinning the rope onto the hooks he has someone turn the handle. This moves the grooved paddle slowly down the 4 ropes and it spins the rope behind.  Our rope was much softer.

Rope Maker
"spinning" the rope

Here is my piece of rope. The last piece he made that day.


The thing I wanted at the farm show was a sock knitting machine. This is a hand cranked affair. they were fairly common at one time. you can make toes, heals and the ribbing for socks with it.  The lady that was demonstrating this one said she usually does the ribbing by hand because hers doesn’t work very well. I want one of theses because despite enjoying spinning wool I can not knit.

circular sock knitting machine.
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