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December Giveaway

December Giveaway

Since we’ve been talking a lot about color this year, I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway of two silk scarves and three Jacquard Green Label dyes.

I’ve used these dyes on both silk and wool.  They are premixed liquids so there is no messy preparation.  They are great for playing with different effects like watercolor, salt and alcohol effects, tie dyeing, silk painting and more. Included in the giveaway is the permanent dyeset fixative so it’s not necessary to to steam either.  Although steaming usually gives richer colors.  There are three primary colors (yellow, scarlet and cyan) in  2 oz. (60 ml)  bottles (they last much longer than you’d expect) and you can mix to your heart’s content.  The fixative is 8 oz. (250 ml).  You can learn more about these products at

Just remember that any utensils or containers you use can not be used for food afterwards.  I usually use saran wrap with this method.  You can learn more about these techniques here:




One scarf is Habotai 8 mm hand rolled 11″ x 60″;  the other is chiffon 8 mm the same length. The habotai is shiny and the chiffon is matte.


Here are a couple of scarves I have used the dyes on.  This is the habotai I used a watercolor and salt effects on.  The salt effect is not very obvious, this was my first attempt.


The other is what I call my 4th of July scarf.  I used the watercolor effect, then nuno felted it after it was rinsed and dry.  This was plain chiffon and not hemmed.  If you look closely, you can see where the red and blue mixed to make purple.  It was a lot less subtle than I expected.


In order to enter the drawing, please leave a comment below.  The winner will be announced next week on December 11 after a random computer generated pick.

Good luck!


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