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Tubes and Mats

Tubes and Mats

I enjoyed playing around with the tubes at the well being centre, so decided to make another piece last week. I think it’s because the tubes are already made, so there are less decisions/choices which makes it even more ‘mindless’ and relaxing! I didn’t even really think about background colours too much, I just knew I didn’t want blues, so grabbed a bag of pinks and oranges. I wasn’t aiming for another challenge piece, I just wanted something simple with a bit of contrast:

The tubes I used had quite a lot of fibres blended in, they’re a bit more obvious from this angle:

And, maybe it’s just me, but the whole piece looks very different depending which way around it is:

A close up I like:

Earlier this year, I made a mat with the intention of taking it out with me for when it’s cold, so I can sit on it at the bus stop! I got the idea when I needed to sit down, but the wall was freezing, so I took off my woollen gloves to sit on. I actually didn’t get a chance to try it, but here it is:

The temperature suddenly dropped here recently, and it reminded me of the mat, so I thought I’d make another:

If this weather continues, I might have to make a blanket for my knees too!

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