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Catching Up

Catching Up

I’ve been trying to some of the projects I started before I began working on my polymer clay e-book. I had a few purses and glasses cases cut out or part sewn up. The first one I finished was a ruffle camera case. It hadn’t even been cut out, so I did some measuring and cutting then discovered my electric machine won’t work 🙁 I cleaned out the bobbin case and took the parts off and wiped them and put them back, but the needle won’t pick up the bobbin thread. From what I can tell it is timing or something and I don’t think it’s something I can fix. So, out came my ancient electric Singer without the electrical parts. It’s slow going but it works, for straight stitching anyway 🙂  This is the front of the case:

rufflesAnd this is the back:

ruffles 2This was one of the purses I hadn’t even blanket stitched, it’s made from the same piece of felt as one I made earlier. It’s a slubbed wool which I added some cotton and silk threads to and some strips of rolled edges from silk scarves. Front:


inside purseThe felt this wool makes has a really nice texture. Back:

purse backA piece of coppery bronze felt that I made a while ago was just big enough to make a purse and matching glasses case.

coppery bronzeDo you have piles of WIPs at different stages?