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Funky Flower Pins from Fabric Scraps

Funky Flower Pins from Fabric Scraps

I have been continuing to think of what I can do with all the scraps of fabric that are crammed into my studio. (Ann has really gotten me going with her 2nd Quarter Challenge.) I have bags of commercial fabric scraps and then tons of fabric that I have dyed, screen printed, stamped, stenciled or thrown color upon in some manner. I need to start using these up before the studio overflows and the fabric starts to take over. (Not that it hasn’t already but…)

Machine Stitched with Center

So I decided to make some flower pins. I used some of my ugliest screen printed fabric for the centers. I rolled up the fabric and twisted it into a spiral. Then I hand stitched the spiral together. I made a pile of fabric scraps for the petals and leaves and then machine stitched the pile of fabric together.

Blues Scrap Flower

Then I hand stitched the center on to the petals.

Blues Scrap Flower Back

I cut a small circle of felted wool blanket that has been dyed, stamped and a variety of other things which has been in my stash for years. I sewed on a pin backing and hand stitched the circle of felt to the back of the flower.

Here’s another one. As you can see I don’t worry about the scraps being nice and even. It’s nice not to have to worry about if the scrap is flat or ironed and whether the edges are neat. I use the pinking shears on the cotton fabrics.

Both Scrap Flowers

And here are the two finished pins. You can trim the petals a bit if you like after you finish. So I got two done.

Studio after Making Scrap Flowers

And here’s the studio after I finished. I still have a gazillion fabric scraps, the studio is a mess and I’d need to make hundreds more to use up all these scraps. Perhaps I need to increase the scale of my projects to get rid of more scraps?

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