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Farm Supplies

Farm Supplies

This morning we went of to out farms supplier, Canadian Cooperative Wool Growers this is where you sell your wool clip.

wool growers

We had to pick up some milk replacer for our bottle lambs and the new radio frequency ear tags that all sheep have to have when they leave your farm.


I took some pictures of the wool  baled and ready to be shipped out.

small bags woolThese are the small ones they are compressed and weigh about 500 pounds

large bales 2  big wool bales 2These are the larger ones. I don’t know how much they weigh. That is my husband standing beside the bales so you can see how big they are. I think he is taking a picture for Facebook.

And lastly this is one of the reasons we where there.

lamb drinking 2 I will try to get more pictures of lambs but they like to show you their tails when you try to take a picture.

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