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Lace and Stars

Lace and Stars

After trying a few lace crochet samples, I finally graduated from making crochet samples to actually making things.  But first the lace.  This lilac one is Marielle lace which would be ideal for an airy scarf.

The Duchess lace is a little denser and looks slightly different on each side.






The Picot Trellis lace is a more traditional pattern made with cotton thread instead of yarn.  This was challenging from the standpoint of using a much smaller hook which my joints weren’t really happy about.

The Star stitch was the basis of making a crochet hook case. You can clearly see on one side the holes in the stars.

The second side is where the hooks are inserted.

Unfortunately, my new ergonomic hooks didn’t fit.  But it does make a nice roll or it can be folded over to lay flat.

Finished with a chain tie.

I was a little bummed that my hooks didn’t fit, but I found another use for it.  I’m thinking of mounting it and hanging it.  I just haven’t figured out how to do it yet.

My next project was really challenging.  I saw this online and wanted to try it but had difficulty understanding the written instructions.  Of course, I turned to You Tube and found a couple of videos that got me through it.  It’s called a Starburst Hot Pad created by Loretta Schepp.

It started out making four  squares like these.

Then adding more of a design.

Now came the tricky part crocheting them all together.

Then folding part of the design inward to create the starburst.


A closeup.Here it is after being flattened out a bit. 

I used a variegated Caron Sweet Roll for this and was pleased how well the yarn worked with the design.

Needless to say I’m not using for a hot pad.  I will find a spot to hang it.


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