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Finished Cuffs

This week has been a snatch a little felting here and there week. The cuffs dried out twice before they where ready to have the marbles added. I use elastics for doing braids in horse manes and tales to put … Continue reading

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Felt Cuffs in Progress

This week I am working on a few cuffs. These will have bubbles in them so they have to start out really long as when I put the marbles in them to get the bubbles they shrink fast. These are … Continue reading

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Coppery Bronze Felt

I hadn’t handmade any new felt for a few months until this week. I knew I’d have a spare couple of days for doing layouts and felting, so I went through my supplies and got a few things together. I … Continue reading

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Felt Bubbles

A while back I went to a felting friends for a few days fun.  She showed me how to make bubbles and cut them  open to great effect. Here are the pictures of what I did. First of course I laid out some wool to felt. … Continue reading

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Dyeing Some Waste

Dyeing some waste.  Throwsters waste that is and I suppose it must have been trash at some point or they wouldn’t call it that. Throwing is was they call reeling silk for thread and this is the left over little bits.  I … Continue reading

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Works In Progress

I feel like I’ve been working on a production line recently, making lots of pieces of felt that will eventually be made into something. Some of the pieces were made with specific things in mind, some were just for the … Continue reading

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Guest Artist

Our first Guest Artist to be featured is Judith from North Yorkshire in England. This is Nebula 1, one of Judith’s entries for the Twists, Twirls and Spirals Challenge. It was wet felted with Merino wool and dyed silk throwster’s … Continue reading

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Direct Dyeing

Direct dyeing is a method where the dye is applied directly to the fibre. This can be done with very small or fairly large amounts of fibre depending on what utensils are available to you, but it is particularly good for … Continue reading

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Degumming Silk Throwsters Waste

A few years ago I was given some gorgeous multi-coloured Throwsters waste in a fibre swap. I’ve always used it sparingly, worried it’d run out and I’d have to begrudgingly pay a ridiculous amount of money for a tiny handful. … Continue reading

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