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Nuno Felt Scarf Class

Nuno Felt Scarf Class

A few weeks ago I taught a nuno felt scarf class. As usual I had great students and we had a lot of fun.

I have grouped the 4 scarves into galleries so you can see the progressions.

These first 2 the students opted to leave a lot of the silk showing. This style always floats nicely when finished. The silk sort of puffs up when it is caught by the air.

The next 2 used more wool. This first one reminds me of water and sailing.

This last one has the most wool. When talking about design I was talking about how people tend to work along the scarf  like a landscape forgetting that the ends will hand down and if you want your flowers the right way up you need to make them the other direction. I think this one turned out especial well.

All in all I think they all turned out fantastic. People know what they are coming to do but they are always so surprised and pleased when it actually works. It is one of the best parts of teaching.

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