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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Welcome to Christmas Morning, for those who celebrate, I hope Santa was good to you and maybe brought you some fibery goodness. For those that don’t celebrate, I hope you are enjoying a nice day off and have time to felt.

I was stuck about what to blog about today. I haven’t made any presents or really anything much. I haven’t been feeling very Christmasy until the last few days when we got some snow. But then we had this surprise last Saturday.

Yes, they should not be born now but some of our sheep are able to breed all year and this Ewe and the Ram seem to have plans that were different than ours. Best laid plans and all that.

That was a good start and I bet the cuteness has hooked you to keep reading.

Chatting the other day about sketchbooks, some people said they don’t have one because they can’t draw. I can’t draw but I keep them anyway. I try to write things beside the pictures so I know what I was thinking later. I don’t always do it and later wonder what on earth I was trying to draw. Sometimes it sparks new ideas.

I thought I would share a few pages to encourage people. Sketchbooks are just for yourself, for ideas or inspiration not an art project in themselves.  I have seen some that are published, they are beautiful. Mine are not like that. I am sure you will recognize some of these ideas.

I use them to doodle shapes

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Do sketches. Can you tell I like sheep pictures?

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And work out how to do things.


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I like smallish flip pads. These are 6 inches by 9 inches. or 152mm by 229mm. I have some that are a bit smaller A5 size. I think that’s a standard everywhere but in North America. We always have to be different. 🙂 I like them because they fit easily in my basket or a bag. They are also cheap pads. $1.50 at the Dollar Store.

I will be doing some sketches for some Christmasy things for next year. I just need to remember to look at them in October so there is time to work on them.

They may not be pretty but I find them useful. I hope I have inspired you to give it a try. It doesn’t matter if you can draw, once you stop worrying about it, its fun.

Thanks for reading and commenting and joining us all year. You have all kept me going as we all work our way through these difficult times. All’s wool that end’s wool.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

NYC Travel Journal Update

NYC Travel Journal Update

This is an update about my trip to NYC and filling out my travel journal that I made. Everyone else was happy with their books but only my brother-in-law (besides me) filled his in. My sister and husband just saved things to paste in later. We were busy for the entire time we were there and I only had a few moments each day to work in my journal. I would collect lots of paper bits during the day to paste in the journal. I then would paste in a few things and write about the day with a permanent pen. The extra sketches and embellishments were done on the trip home. I used Inktense pencils and a water brush to do the “watercolor” portions. This works great if you used a permanent pen but won’t do well if your pen will run with water. You are welcome to click on the photos for a larger view and you can read what we did in NYC if you’re interested.

I still have a few blanks spots for photos and the last three pages to fill in with some photos and subway maps. We were in the studio audience for The Chew which is on ABC while we were in NYC. The show airs on August 2nd. We might be visible in the studio audience.

I really enjoyed filling the journal out and since I can never keep things straight about where we went and what we did, this will be an excellent reminder of our trip. Have you used a travel journal? Do you take any art supplies with you when you travel? I’d love to hear about it or see your journals if you have any.




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