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Hi from Canada

Hi from Canada

Hi I’m Ann and I live just outside the capital of Canada on a small sheep farm. Like Ruth, I had a journey to finding felt. At one time, we milked our sheep and I learned to make soap with the milk that wasn’t suitable for making cheese. On a soap list I followed, there was a link for how to felt around a bar of soap. I went and had a look and bought a kit to needle felt a sheep. I enjoyed making the sheep but felting around the soap really grabbed me. From there I took some lessons in wet felting and knew I had found what I was looking for. I’ve had a life long love of wool but hate knitting, now I could indulge my love of wool and hand spun yarn. These days I don’t do much needle felting, I spend my time exploring wet felting techniques.

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Q-3 Three types of fiber you can’t live without

Well, fine merino is my favourite wool for next to the skin applications. It is soft, easy to dye and felts quickly. I love silk; roving and hankies are my favourite way to make the wool sparkle. The third would have to be novelty yarns especially had spun ones. I am learning to spin novelty yarns for embellishing my felt.

Q-2 Two tools you use all the time

My reed mat is my best tool. I have a large one that covers my 4×8 table so I can do large pieces or several small ones. The second would have to be my Tupperware starburst lid. I use this lid to rub my wet felt; it really saves you wearing off your fingerprints.

Q-1 One fiber art technique you love the most

I would have to say nuno felting. I love the textured effect of the wool and woven fabric together. It’s so versatile; I can make a whole new fabric or decorate with it.

I am looking forward to working with my felting friends here and sharing with our followers.  I am excited about getting pushed outside my box and expanding my horizons.