Nuno Felting

Double sided

Double sided

2 layers of red merino wool sandwiched between 2 layers of silk fabric

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2 Responses to Double sided

  1. klampet says:

    I must try this. I love using silk. What is the highest momme that can be nuno felted? I ask becasue I find the 8mmome silk gives a tighter and greater texture than the low momme silks.

    • zedster66 says:

      I honestly don’t know, I always use old silk scarves or things from charity shops. I did have a hard time getting some strips of sari silk ribbon to completely attach, but I suppose saris come in different weights and finishes. I suppose it depends on quite a few things, like what breed of wool you use, what result you expect, how little or how much wool you use, how much you full, whether you anchor the edges of the fabric. That sounds like a lot of good reasons for experimenting!

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