Fantasy Fish Student Gallery

Fantasy Fish Student Gallery

The photos are all fantasy fish created by students in Galina Titova’s Felting Fantasy Fish class. Click on any photo to enlarge.

Fish by Alison

Fish by Denise

Fish by Erin

Fish by Anne

Fish by Jane

Fish by Kathryn

Fish by Robin

Fish by Heidi

Fish by Susanne

Fish by Carol

Fish by Gail

Fish by Janet

Fish by Maggie

Fish by Tanya

Fish by Faye

Fish by Jeannette

Fish by Wendy

Fish by Mieke

Fish by Marilyn


Feedback from Erin:
I have gotten SO MUCH from Galina’s wet felted Fantasy Fish workshop. I’ve learned to make beautiful fish and so much more! The new techniques that I’ve learned will help me with other wet-felted projects such as vessels, pods, and even hats. The step-by-step tutorials are easy to follow, filled great photos and contain tons of useful information.

If you want to “step out of the box”, expand your wet felting skills, and open up unlimited project possibilities, take this class! You’ll have tons of fun. WARNING: Making wet felted fish is highly addictive. Once you start, you won’t be able to stop – LOL!

Feedback from Heidi:
Loved this class…I learned so much and I agree with Erin that making the fish can be very addicting. I think your instructions were very clear and easy to follow.  Any questions were answered in a very timely manner with a lot of great feedback.  I highly recommend this class!

Feedback from Susanne:
I enjoyed the Fantasy Fish Class very much. The course was very well structured and the tutorials were perfect. Although I have some experience in felting, Galina provided lots of useful hints and tips, and doing some new techniques was very exciting. The teacher and my fellow students were lovely people and it was great fun participating!

Feedback from Alicia:
loved everybody’s creations and the fantastic opportunity to study w a master :) the course was everything i had hoped for and so much more! i did not have an opportunity to make any of the fish but have plans to do so someday

Feedback from Carol:
Thank you Galina for all your work in putting together such a good course. It progressed really well from week to week. Its been lovely to create these fun fish while learning new techniques. I’ve picked up all sorts of tips along the way too.

Its also been wonderful to see everyone else’s creations, all such different fish from the same instructions.  I tend to like things that are fun and quirky and these fantasy fish have brought a smile to the faces of everyone who has seen them.  :) Thank you again.

Feedback from Gail:
I enjoyed this course and learned many new techniques that can be used in lots of projects. It was great to be able to see fish made by the other students. Galina was very positive and helpful. I am glad I enrolled in Felting Fantasy Fish!

Feedback from Maggie:
The Fantasy Fish class was an absolutely delightful experience! The information Galina shared with us was very informative and clear.

Feedback from Tanya:
I have thoroughly enjoyed the Felting Fantasy Fish course. Galina is very helpful, very prompt in responding to posts and gives good constructive criticism and advice. I would recommend this course.

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