Meet the Supplier: Marie Redding Arts

Meet the Supplier: Marie Redding Arts

Fibre 3, 2, 1

Q-3 Three types of fibre you can’t live without?

Silk, silk and silk! It goes with everything and always improves any project I create. I consider it a ‘workhorse fibre’ due to how adaptable it is. Even the smallest amount does wonders and I consider it essential for any of my personal projects, or where I want to really wow someone.

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Q-2 Two tools you use all the time?

  1. A felting rolling pin. I start all of my felting projects with this. It takes the hard work out of felting and I don’t have to roll the felt up, I can work on it flat. Within minutes I can have a large piece of felt that is ready to be developed further. 
  2. My trilobite finishing tool. I use the tool at the end of the felting process to give a sheen and smooth finish to my felt. It works especially well when I’m using silk.

Q-1 One fibre art technique you love the most?

I looooove *gestures at the void* how can you ask me to narrow it down?! I suppose if I had to choose, I love making nuno felted garments using fibres I’ve dyed myself.

General Questions

What is your business?

Marie Redding Arts


What kind of items do you sell?

Felting, weaving, crafting, knitting materials, tools and supplies. I also create and sell my own yarn and locally sourced sheep fleece and locks.

I supply a wide range of wooden tools which my master carpenter makes just for me,  to my designs.

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I ship worldwide and have customers in every country which has enriched my experience and consider myself very lucky.

I’ve recently started creating spirit dolls on a custom basis as well. They’ve proven to be very popular with my customers.


What do you think makes your business different from similar ones?

I have a unique eye for colour and use books for inspiration, such as Alice In Wonderland

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I make sure every order that goes out is special and contains little gifts. I also pride myself on being a one stop shop and cater for all my customers’ needs if I can,  with a very diverse range of goods. Being plastic free as much as possible is important to me.


Where are you located?

Herefordshire in the UK


Where can we find you on the internet?

My Etsy store is here and you can also find me on Facebook too


Marie has done an amazing giveaway of a felting basket of goodies. To get in on the draw leave a comment below. Make sure there is an email attached to your profile so we can contact you. (don’t post your email ) If we can’t contact you we will pick another number. Marie will use a random number generator on May 4th to pick the lucky winner and I will announce it in my blog post on May 5th.

A luxury mixed media treasure chest in a gorgeous wicker hamper, ideal for a gift or a treat just for you. A bumper haul of mixed media fibre in your chosen complementary colours, merino wool, hand dyed silks, beads, hand dyed nylon sparkle, hand dyed locks and Teeswater fleece, and a gorgeous piece of luxury fabric to top it off! Presented in a beautiful wicker hamper which can be supplied gift wrapped at no extra cost, with a gift message or blank gift tag. This kit has no plastic packaging as I care about the environment.



49 thoughts on “Meet the Supplier: Marie Redding Arts

  1. Spring has sprung in rural Norfolk and the colours and hues in the woodland around my home offer inspiration for crafting projects, Such a glorious time of year.

  2. Thank you for sharing all this information – I just love your trilobite, makes using a tool so much more interesting! I’d love to win your giveaway, especially if it includes some of your own dyed fibres. I love the colours in your pictures. My persopnal email address is

  3. Wow fibre heaven! I’m so pleased to know that you are in England (just) and therefore may be visitable (I think that’s a word). I believe you have a physical shop? Now that we will soon be able to get out and about it might be possible, though I can see that I’ll need to save up my pennies first!

  4. I would love to win this fabulous hamper of fibres. It looks absolutely amazing as if it tells a story of its own.

  5. Such a fabulous selection, I am always amazed at your colour palettes …. one day I’ll get there, winning would be a delight

    1. Your tools are pure genius and your fiber is lovely. I would certainly enjoy using it if I win!

  6. Thank you for sharing your favorite tools. They look terrific and I may need to add them to my toolbox!

  7. I would love to win all those colors and varieties to play with. Sounds like a wonderful business that you have created.

  8. What a lovely idea to put all these together in one bundle. Beautiful work; I love that your felting tools are also beautiful. Life is too short to live without beauty in all we do.

  9. How wonderful, what a treat it would be to win this basket. That rolling pin looks the business.

  10. I, too, love your combination of colors. Perhaps, this might be a good class to give, if you don’t already address this. Some color wheel advice. Your basket looks like a treasure trove! Would love it!

  11. Always look forward to your blog….wide variety of information with lots of learning potential

  12. The world is so full of talented people, what a treat to have them randomly show up in your inbox!

  13. Your colorways are so enticing. Creating with them would be such a wonderful experience. Very inspiring.

  14. I was just looking at that rolling pin, on WOW trade site. You cinched the purchase right in time! 😉 I would be so happy to win this parcel of goodies! Thank you for your consistent encouragement…

  15. WOW what an amazing basket of inspiration!! i saw the Felting tool for getting into tight spaces it looks brilliant! Such a good idea!

  16. I love the rolling pin and the hand felting tool. I am going to check out your website right now!

  17. I’m fascinated by the wood tools. I need a master carpenter in my life!
    Also, hello from a fellow UK fibre business owner! 😀

  18. Delighted to read your post which lead me onto exploring your shop. Fabulous selection….and you are in the U.K.

    Your tools are very Arts & Craft & fully comply with William Morris’s ethos – ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’ – he would be delighted!

    In turn I’d be delighted to be entered into your generous draw for such an array of lovely colourful items.

    Thank you

  19. You’ve invented such innovative tools. I look forward to reading your blog regularly. I’d love to be entered in the draw. Please and thank you.

  20. Your work is inpiring. I just started felting again after taking some years off. Would love to win your beautiful badket.

  21. That hamper looks so lucsious! I have some of Marie’s wooden felting tools, the rolling pin and the palm washboard. So well made and easy to use. She’s an amazing seller of goodies!

  22. New to the felting world. That rolling pin is awesome!! I see some tools I must try!!

  23. Your eye for colour is amazing, the colour really do reflect your themes, what a marvellous gift to have 🌈

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