A picture with some metal in it.

A picture with some metal in it.

It’s after the Christmas crazy and I feel all out of sorts. There is nothing I need to be doing.  Nothing to shop for, nothing to bake for. I do have some nice new teas to try but although they are delicious, that is not really doing anything. I want to yell I’m bored, but my mom wouldn’t hear me at her house and what’s the point of that. So, like many of you, I must kick my own butt and just get on with something. Start with housework, if that doesn’t start you thinking of things to do in the studio, nothing will. After several loads of laundry and digging out the corner of the bedroom where we toss things to deal with later, I had had enough and I grabbed a tea and my sketchbook and headed for the studio.

I know you are thinking but what about your hat aren’t you supposed to be sewing the flower into place and making leaves. Yes, I am but I don’t feel like it. I had a poke through some recent sketches I did. I can’t really draw but I can get the idea down and use it to work from.


I dug out some felt pieces I did as starter pieces. Picked one and started.

First I defined the house. It was just a roof and walls when I picked it. I forgot to take a picture, sorry. I added some windows and the roofline and the corner of the house.  Then, strangely I started at the front of the picture with some fence posts. Usually, you start in the back and layer to the front.


With the magic of felt, I just took a picture and then pulled them off and put them aside.


I added some sheep, I bet you didn’t see that coming…..LOL. You can see I decided the house looked more like a barn and changed the windows into a large door. I also by this time decided the blue was water and added a path along the cliff edge.

I defined the sticky out piece of coastline to help with the water effect and check the placement of the fence posts. I decided to keep them straight because the right-hand one is going to be short anyway. I added some different blue to define the sky and some white with a bit of sparkle for waves. There was lots of wool sticking out past the picture edge so I just folded it around the back.

Then it was what to do to finish the fence. This is where the metal comes in.  Originally I was going to use thread to be the wire but then I was chatting with Jan about wire and remembered I had this spool of wire.  It is a very old spool and I don’t know what kind of wire it is or what it was meant for. It is thin but strong and flexible. It is old, as you can see from the wooden spool but there is no rust. It has a 58 stamped into the top but it’s not the gauge.


I decided to make a real wire fence. I twisted two lengths together and cut 4 of them to stick out past the ends of the picture.  I folded them around the edges to hold them in place. I then couched them down with 6 strands of grey embroidery floss to be the fence staples.  I think it really works. The whole picture is only 5.5inches (14cm)by 4 inches(10cm).


I did think about making at least one strand of my fence barbed wire. I made one barb, to try it but you couldn’t really see it against the wool so wasn’t worth the fiddling.

My New Years’ Resolution is to do more felt pictures and to try to do them a little bigger. Do you have a Fibery New Years’ Resolution?

18 thoughts on “A picture with some metal in it.

  1. Such a cute picture, Ann & I love the way you developed it as you went along – the sea section gives it a really nice depth. It feels so important at the moment that we just get on with something creative if we can, whatever it is. I think the making is more important than what we produce right now. Well done for ‘kicking your own butt’!

    1. Thanks Lindsay. It I am really pleased with the sea. I want to try working bigger. I tend to go small all the time. not sure why. I did this before Lyn and Annie’s first quarter challenge. I have some ideas for that.

  2. I love mixed media, and the metal works superbly. As for not feeling like doing anything, I know how that is! I’ve a list of stuff to get done but all I do is stare at it and get analysis paralysis…

    1. Thanks Leonor. It was fun to add something that wasn’t wool. Yes analysis paralysis is a good way to put it. So much to do that nothing gets done.

  3. Mixing up the media is fun and you’ve ended up with a lovely picture!
    That was a successful butt-kicking.

    Your mini-barb looks so real – shame it didn’t work on the felt.

    1. Thanks Lyn. I have started a new picture, with shockingly no sheep in it. it was a cool barb and maybe with a different colour foreground it would work.

  4. Great result from some butt kicking….hope you didn’t give yourself any bruises 🤪 Perhaps your foot can stretch over the pond this way?

    A new picture with no sheep….baaa! Look forward to seeing it.

  5. Your picture turned out really nice and definitely looks like you with your signature sheep. I’m looking forward to seeing what you create for the challenge.

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