It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Annie (rosiepink)

For the 4th quarter challenge I made a few different things because once I started thinking about it I came up with lots of ideas and I couldn’t decide which to make!  I ended up making:

a stars themed table mat

a Christmas pudding decoration

some stars on sticks to poke into my houseplant pots

and a wreath of holly & stars

I needed a mat for the side table in my hallway because people always put keys etc on there and it gets scratched.  I was going to make one in the summer but didn’t get round to it and now that it’s winter I went for a theme of dark inky blue sky with white stars for a festive feel. I had a disaster with it when it wouldn’t felt, but that turned into a triumph when I rescued it with the embellisher because the mat not only felted but also became reversible where the pattern migrated through to the back 🙂

There is more detail about it over on our blog if you are interested:

When trying the mat on the table I saw my simple felt “flower” on a stick that is poked into one of my flower pots, and it gave me another idea.  I thought some stars on sticks would look nice and festive scattered in my plant pots. The flower is just a circle sample of felt from the odds box that I stuck on a wire one day and pushed into the soil.  A friend commented that she really liked it so I left it there.  Also, I had promised my plants I would make them some name tags this year and I didn’t, so they can have a star each instead 🙂

Since making the Christmas Podding a few years back …

… I kept thinking I’d like to make some more wired twisty holly leaves, possibly made into a wreath.  After some experimentation I made 3 sheets of colourful felt to cut the leaves from…

…but then decided it would take too much time to make all the leaves, so I decided to make a flat Christmas Pudding instead that could stand as a decoration and then I’d only need to make a few leaves!  The pudding is stood on a plate but leaning against a hidden glass jar.

To make the holly leaves I pinned some fabric to the back of the felt for stiffness then free motion stitched a few holly leaf shapes round 3 times in black thread and twice with white.  I also used some old felt to make some other leaves to mix up the colours.

To make the pudding I raided the scraps box. From scrap felt I cut out two main shapes – a 20cm diameter circle for the pudding and a wavy “topping” for the custard. I backed both pieces with fabric then stitched them together.

I cut some little “raisins” from orange felt and stitched them on then free motion stitched a pattern around them on the main pudding.

I attached the holly leaves and added some felt balls for berries. I had already made these a long time ago but they were perfect for this project.  Lastly I added a few little yellow stars for extra sparkle.

I had originally planned on making holly leaves using a base of green fibres plus a lot of other unusual colours to make it a bit quirky. I made a big sheet of felt to cut them from, but found I had used too many dark greens and not enough of the other colours so it wasn’t quite right. I decided I wanted to go more colourful, resulting in the felt I made above.  However, it is a lovely piece of felt and has some interesting passages in it.  For example, I can see lots of little landscapes in it and I will revisit it at some point because I think it has potential.  For now it’s one for my pile of “Ideas & Projects in Progress”.   Again, there is more detail on our blog about this if you are interested because this post is way too long as it is!

Then in a sudden swirl of enthusiasm I decided to make a big bunch of holly leaves after all to see if I could cobble together a wreath of sorts.  Here are some in progress photos:

After making lots of holly leaves (but sadly no wire, no time!) I hit a problem in that I couldn’t get the leaves to attach nicely to the metal wreath ring I had. I didn’t want to glue gun it in case I want to take it apart and repurpose the bits at some point.  What to do? I had a look around and rediscovered a narrow felted “scarf” that I had made in the summer.  I had been far to impatient when making the scarf and it turned out nothing like I had hoped (basically lovely colours but a complete disaster!). I kept it in the hope that it would come in handy one day, and it did.  I wrapped the ring in the scarf which gave me something to stitch the leaves to:

I mixed in some felted stars and some yellow glass beads as berries (yellow, red, who cares?!)  The stitching is appalling as it was done in record time, but it’s on the back so it won’t be seen.  My patience has limits especially on something fiddly like this when I’m running out of time!  But I think the overall appearance is fun and a bit different and if I ever make another wreath I have learnt a lot along the way for next time!

Here is everything together on the table in the hallway:


22 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  1. Wow Annie….these are terrific!! The star of the show has to be that pudding, it’s such a riot of colour and could only have been made by you. Have a fun filled Christmas.

    1. Thanks Karen! Yes I do love the pudding in all it’s whacky glory, it was huge fun trying out lots of different colours! Have a great Christmas too.

  2. My, you were busy doing all those projects! I hope you had fun and learned a few bits and pieces along the way!
    Hope you and yours have a lovely, safe Holiday Season!

    1. Thanks Carol. It did take quite a lot of time but I had a great time making it all and yes you learn something new from everything you make don’t you! I was happy to let the dust build up around me while I was in my felty fibrey element but have got some catching up to do now! Hope you have a fab time too!

  3. Really enjoyed reading and seeing your work process. It is lovely. Seasons greetings to you and everyone. Hugs Janet x

    1. Thank you Janet, so glad you enjoyed it! It was worth spending the time as it was a lovely process to lose myself in. Seasons greetings to you too! x

  4. What a great group of decorations you have created, Annie And I think I like the back of the star table runner the best. It is cool how sometimes “saving” a piece gives unexpected results that you wouldn’t have thought of to begin with. Hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday!

    1. Thanks Ruth! Yes sometimes it seems that once you think you have ruined something you lose grip of the image of what it “should” be and the result is often way better! It stops that overthinking interfering bit of your brain getting in the way doesn’t it! Hope you have a lovely time too!

  5. Your style, your colours….we would all know it any where.
    You deserve all the compliments because the pieces are fabulous. I’m coveting your Christmas pud!

  6. Wonderful so right and festive will have to do some my self next year we are getting gloomy winters more and more sure would help cheer things on those days 😊 mabey I will get at it before new years ? Be safe and all the best for 2021 xo B.C. CANADA

    1. Thank you, it is nice to have some festive cheer about in the house! We’ve got lots of twinkly lights too scattered about so it’s nice and cosy 🙂
      All the best to you too for 2021

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