The cowl is finished

I did finally get the cowl finished. It turned out just as I had hoped.  I took it up to a flax processing day to show everyone and Jan took some nice pictures of it for me I think they show it off very well.

If you remember this was the inspiration for this cowl. I liked the way the two points overlap.

This is the silk lap side out.

This is the filk fabric side out.

And finally, this is me wearing it. It’s not a great shot of me but it does show how the cowl fits. I plan to use it this winter. My neck is always cold but this will not be bulky under my coat.

I hope you like it and it was worth the wait to finaly see it done.

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20 Responses to The cowl is finished

  1. tesivaara says:

    It turned out quite lovely! Looks perfect for that extra warmth without the bulk.

  2. Lindsay Wilkinson Artwork says:

    It’s beautiful, Ann. I love the colours and the leaf shapes and the two sides are distinct but complement each other very well. I’m so glad you coordinated your mask as well!

  3. annielynrosie says:

    Well worth all the effort Ann! It’s beautiful and it will keep you warm without being bulky on your neck. I like the two complimentary sides.

  4. Karen Lane says:

    It’s beautiful Ann and I like the two different decorative treatments you’ve given it.

  5. ruthlane says:

    Yay! I’m glad you finally got it finished and the results were well worth the wait. It looks very comfortable and I’m sure will help to keep you warm all winter. As the others have said, the two sides really complement each other and the leaf shapes with contrasting colors really shine. Great job!

  6. linda prine says:

    Very pretty

  7. Anonymous says:

    Stunning piece of work! You will definitely get lots of compliments.

  8. Antje says:

    Ann, it was well worth the wait. The cowl looks to be a snug addition to your wardrobe with happy complementary colours and with a choice of two coordinating sides. Your happy accident mask was perfect for the photo shoot 🙂

    Please remind me does the cowl simply fold over or does it have a twist in it like a mobius?

    • Thank you, Antje. Jan does take good pictures and with a mask on I wasn’t making a funny face. it just folds over. with it only going around once I didn’t see the point of a twist. If I had had to sort out a twist in the resist I think I would have given up.

  9. Jan says:

    Looks grate in person too!! and that is not a bad picture of you…. i have a few of those! i may even have sent one to you in that batch of fotots!

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  11. That’s your color Ann! Love it!

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