Slow Stitch Update

Slow Stitch Update

It’s been over a month since I last posted about my Autumn Nuno slow stitch piece. Here is where I was at the end of September.

I kept working on the negative space between the foreground trees. I was using a grey green thread and it definitely needs more darkness in between the tree trunks but I will have to add a darker thread for that. I am still mulling over what will be on the left hand side in the foreground. It’s kind of amorphous at the moment.

Once I finished the negative space between the trees, I decided that I needed to add some of the grey green into the mid ground/background area. It also helped to “cut” the overpowering sense of red and red orange there. Next up was to add “leaves” to the foreground trees. I decided to use a different stitch to highlight them a bit more. I will be adding a great many more of the leaves in a variety of yellows and yellow oranges.

The photo on the left shows where I am as of today. The photo on the right shows the beginning of the leaves being added with detached chain stitch. I still have a long way to go on completing this piece but I am happy with the progression.


13 thoughts on “Slow Stitch Update

  1. I agree with Ann – it’s interesting to watch the progression. The detached chain stitch is very effective on the foreground trees.

  2. This is lovely, Ruth. Agree that the detached chain stitch is a perfect choice for the foreground leaves. Love the slightly ghostly tree trunks too.

    1. Thanks Lindsay, the tree trunks do have a ghostly appearance which I think gives a bit more interest. More of those detached chain stitched leaves to come.

    1. Thanks Ann, I have used detached chain stitch before with lichen with good results so I think that’s why I thought of it.

  3. The entire picture is quite ethereal. I’m enjoying seeing the slow change and am in total agreement about the detached chain stitch. Using more yellow/yellow oranges will certainly enhance the depth you’re creating.
    A good ‘feet up, winter piece’ assuming E allows it 🤪

    1. Thanks Antje, it will definitely take all winter and probably longer. Edgar is a really nosey dog. Always has to stick his nose in to see what I’m doing.

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