Pot Inside a Pot 2

Pot Inside a Pot 2

It was 2 days later that I got back to my pot. After some preliminary rolling in the dryer, I rolled it by hand.

It shrank quite a lot. it is very tight around the resist.  It is time to do some cutting. I cut in the spaces between the fins.

You can see how much the hole grows as you work the edge. The little blob on the left is the piece I cut out.

I didn’t want to pull the resist out through the hole. It is bulkier and less flexible than usual with the duct tape holding on the fins. I cut an X in the bottom of the outside pot. If I had thought about it I would have done it in the bottom of the inside pot so no one would ever have seen it.

This is how much it has shrunk so far.

Next was a vigorous rub down with a rubbing tool. This is one Jan found in the pet section of our Dollar store. It’s for washing your very dirty dog. I covered the pot with some plastic before rubbing. It is too grabby to use directly on the felt.


It shrank a little more but now it is al flat and smooth.

Before doing any more I needed to rinse out the soap. It always takes much longer to get all the soap out than I think it should.

I start with hot water and finish with cold. I also want to get more shrinkage during this prosses so I am quite aggressive in getting the water through felt to get the soap out.

This is how much more it shrank. You can see the black lines of where it was before rinsing.

I stuck the yellow inside the red one. It wasn’t too hard because the how where they are joined is not very small.  What was harder was getting the ball in so I could blow it up. I wanted to use a ball because I didn’t think a balloon would be strong enough. I did get this one I but ended up taking it out and switching to a smaller 8-inch ball. the ball is a Linsom ball, they are nonslip, sort of sticky on the outside. They are great balls because they come with a removable plug. I took a vessel class with  Sharon Costello where we used them. I suppose it helped the first layer of wool to stick.  The layout on a ball is very difficult. It was a great class, a lot of fun and we learned a lot but not one I like to use.

and in the dark

I think it turned out fairly well. If I were to do it again I think I would make the inside pot bigger so it would open up the fins. I may, depending on how ambitious I am, wet it down, blow up a ball inside and them stuff plastic bags in to make the outer pot bigger. I may cut the fins off and then so some stretching so you can see more of the inside pot. I am still thinking. What would you do?

25 thoughts on “Pot Inside a Pot 2

  1. Great vessel. I especially love the fins so definitely wouldn’t cut them off. Can’t really tell about your other suggestions without seeing it.

    1. Thanks Lindsay, I am reluctant to chop them off. Its nice to get other views on the blog. It helps you see things form different angle when things are not exactly how you envisioned them.

  2. How about a square external pot – with lots more holes in so that you can actually see that the one inside is another pot and not just “reverse appliquet”?

    1. A square pot is an interesting thought. Part of the reason I wanted the fins to open up was so you could see it was a seperate pot and light up the whole inside pot.

    2. I’ve been trying to think how to full the inner pot if the outside pot is not generally the same shape, but find it difficult to visualise. I’d better try it I suppose (suck it and see?)

    3. You full it before putting one inside the other. It would be very hard to do the inside pot anything but round or teardrop shaped but I suppose it could be done. If the outside one is different it would be easier. You should try and let us know about it. Maybe you could do a guest post. take lots of pictures.

  3. It’s fabulous Ann! The fins turned out so well and your cutouts for the inner pot look great.

  4. Ann, this turned out great. I like it the way it is. I think the fins are fantastic and really make the pot. Perhaps you should just make a second one (of your series) and then you can use the ideas you learned from this one in the next one.

  5. what a cool pot the fins are fantastic! next one can you pull the inner layer partly out through the holes? i was thinking like the puffed and slashed style of the lansneck. i will find you a picture since im shure that is not the way it was ment to be spelt.i look forword to seeing what you do next!!

  6. Ann I love how it turned out & the fins are great – don’t cut them off.
    AdventuresInFelt had the same thoughts as me….to cut more holes.

    Perhaps make the sections between the fins, lacy with a network of holes so that you see more of, and appreciate, the inner vessel. You Would then have a contrast of solid & lightweight (fins & holes) elements.

    1. Thanks Antje. I don’t think holes would be great the way the are but maybe if I can make the outside pot bigger so the fins and more triangles instead of flat it would work.

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