No felting this week

This week has not been a felting week or even a thinking about felting week. This week has been finishing and tagging week. I will be at Fibrefest this coming weekend.

The first part of tagging is creating tags. It always takes longer than expected to do. I needed tags for the batts, the scissor pouches and new ones for the little cardholders.


I had to weigh the batts and fill in the tags. This one and its twin are already sold and put aside for a friend who can’t make it to the sale.

I had to add the grommets to the scissor cases and tag them with the new tags. I started by adding the grommets to the left side through both layers. It makes it tight for the scissors. So I switched to adding them to the right side through the backside. I think I like this better. I like the way it looks better too.

They are all tagged now.

The other thing I need to do yet is put the spinning kits together.  I have to sand the holes of the whorls because they are to tight and I can’t get them on the dowels. Last year they were to loose and I had to glue them. The wool is in the bags at least. Now I have to print the instructions and finish the drop spindles. I am out of ink and today is a holiday so it will have to wait

Lastly, I need to figure out what I am taking as display items.



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12 Responses to No felting this week

  1. annielynrosie says:

    Good luck with sales at Fibrefest! It takes four times as long as you think it will to prepare for an event like this – it’s loads of work.

  2. Deb says:

    Best of luck!

  3. ruthlane says:

    It’s always so much work getting ready for an event like this. Looks like you’re getting close to being done. Hope you have a good show and sell a bunch of stuff.

  4. Good luck at FibreFest!

  5. The finicky details always feel like they take forever but it is really great to see it all ready for sales!

  6. Antje says:

    Getting the last details done always takes much longer than planned but makes all the difference. Hope you have lots of sales.

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