The Finished Hat and Some Scarves.

I finished the Hat I was teasing you with last week. Now you know what I did with the spike.

red and gold scarf layout 3 red spikey hat 1 red spikey hat 2

I also finished this scarf. It has a antique colour wool base and then a thin layer of mixed brown on top and then some brass/coppery silk hankies stretched over it all.

laying on the brown silk on brown

I was thinking it might appeal to men as well as women.

brown and copper scarf brown and copper scarf close

I’ve started 2 more scarves. You will get to see them next time. I may get one more done but then it’s time to start ironing and tagging everything for the coming weekend. the show info is here   It is always a bigger job than I think it will be.

purple carf 1

red and gold scarf layout 1red and gold scarf layout 2


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14 Responses to The Finished Hat and Some Scarves.

  1. jackie scholl says:

    Love the hat! Where is the show this weekend. What are you asking for the hat $$ ?

    Jackie Sent from my iPhone


  2. Marilyn aka Pandagirl says:

    The finished hat is great! Good luck at the show. I’m sure all those lovely items will sell quick.

  3. Lyn says:

    Love the hat and the way you’ve used the spike! Lovely finishing touch.

    Yes, the beautiful antique-coloured scarf is unisex.

  4. Karen Lane says:

    Well I didn’t see that coming! Great use of the “tail” and loving the scarves.

  5. ruthlane says:

    The hat is gorgeous Ann! I also love the color of the antique scarf, one of my favorite color ways.

  6. Teri Berry says:

    Love the hat Ann, the “tail” compliments the folds beautifully!

  7. zedster66 says:

    I didn’t expect that from the ‘tail’, Ann! The hat is brilliant 🙂 I like the ‘antique’ scarf, it actually reminds me of some old leather book covers. I’m looking forward to seeing the others when they’re finished.

    • Thanks Zed. It does have that great old leather look, I hadn’t thought of that. Now all I have to do is remember to take pictures of them before I pack them up.

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