Yarn Happy – Book Review and Giveaway

Yarn Happy – Book Review and Giveaway

Here’s the second book from Seller’s Publishing that we will giveaway to one lucky reader. Yarn Happy is from Norwegian author, Turid Lindeland. We were given the book to review but have no other connection to Seller’s Publishing. Again, since I am not a knitter, my knitting friends, Sally and Paula, helped with the review.

Here’s what the publishers have to say about the book:

Yarn Happy, (978-1-4162-4563-6) offers readers 30 knit and crochet projects that represent the simple and clean design style that Scandinavia is known for. The designs are photographed in the dramatic Northwest region of Norway that inspired them, and include pattern charts and detailed instructions. Projects in the book include modern takes on traditional Norwegian knit designs, including socks, blankets, chair covers, crochet throws, and more. Yarn Happy is designed for both for intermediate and experienced knitters, as well as fans of colorwork. Patterns include both US standard and metric measurements, and alternative yarns are included for each pattern. Turid Lindeland’s inspiration for Yarn Happy came from an old sock she found in a crumbling hotel in Rosendal, Norway. Inspired by that old sock, and the neighboring glaciers called Folgefonna, with their dramatic icy colors and shapes, she has given these classic patterns an updated twist by employing modern color palettes. Some patterns are informed by the cool shades of ice and others by the summertime landscapes with their vibrant colors.

Yarn Happy_3D

From my knitting friends:

Both Sally and Paula agreed that this is not a beginners book and you need familiarity with Norwegian design or similar colorwork. There are no basic directions about Norwegian design, following a chart in general, or a key for the charts. Patterns were not rated for level of difficulty. But the book has absolutely gorgeous photography and if you’re an experienced knitter, it is a great resource for updated Norwegian designs.


Patterns range from a blanket to a small phone case giving the less experienced  knitter a less daunting “first” project. Included in the book is a resource guide for finding comparable yarns that can be found in the US, a yarn weight chart, and a color chart for the Rauma Yarn that is the author’s yarn of choice. There are also crochet patterns included in the book and these are written well and easy to follow.

So if you are looking for a bit more advanced knitting patterns with a clean Scandinavian style, this book is perfect for you. Again, the photography in this book is absolutely gorgeous and it’s a pleasure to look through even for a non-knitter like me.

Leave a comment and you could win a free copy of this wonderful book. The giveaway is open until October 17th. I will be announcing the winners of both of the books on October 18th. Please make sure to have an e-mail attached to your comment. I won’t be able to contact anyone who comments anonymously. Then Sellers Publishing will send the book to you directly anywhere in the world.

12 thoughts on “Yarn Happy – Book Review and Giveaway

  1. That looks really interesting. We have a Swedish lady in our spinning group and she wears some lovely knitwear, I’d like to learn more about Scandinavian knitting in general.

  2. My daughter in law is an avid and talented knitter.
    She challenges herself with intricate patterns. I think this book would open a whole new world/ challenge for her.
    Thank you

  3. this would definitely get my brain working again, lovely book, thank you for the opportunity and thank you for the wonderful postings.

  4. Ooooooooo! I am learning to knit – a very talented friend is teaching me. While I would be challenged trying to make these on my own, he wouldn’t be–he could walk me through and what a great way to learn! I love the Swedish style, from cooking to home decor. It seems clean and pure in form. I hope to visit Sweden some day. Thank you for the book opportunity, and, as always, your great posts. I do enjoy seeing what you are up to in the art world! We never stop learning, with art.

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