Lots of Felting on the Go

Lots of Felting on the Go

I’ve been very busy since my last post but I do not have a lot done.

I did teach a hat making class and I will have more about that in another post

I started a new bubble hat…..not finished

bubble hat start

I started a pill box hat…..not finished

pill box

I started a yarn bag…..not finished

yarn bag

And lastly not finished is my postcard to send for the Christmas exchange on the forum. I cant show you that until it is sent and received.

I broke down and pretended I was Zed and did a sample. I almost never do samples but I have a long dress worth of beaded and sequined shear fabric.  I wanted to know how it would work as nuno felt and thought why not see how it works on different colours while I am at it.

beaded sample

The white migrated through more than the black. The white coved many of the beads. The black didn’t do that. Normally I would shave a piece if I had the migrating wool hiding something but I can’t do that  here because it would damage the sequins and maybe the beads too.

The other thing I finished today was these flower pins. They are not very exiting but look great on the side of a hat.

flower pins

I thought I would share some pictures of what I woke up to this morning.

snowy morning 2 snowy morning 1

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23 thoughts on “Lots of Felting on the Go

  1. So many UFOs Ann! Me too! Perhaps we ought to get in touch with NASA. 🙂
    Your beaded and sequined sample looks good and would make a stunning evening bag. I prefer the black side. The flowery piece looks great too,
    Brrrr! Though I like snow I’m not ready for it just yet so just keep it over there for now. 🙂

    1. the peices are a little farther along then the pictures but not finished yet. I like the way the sequined piece came out, I think the black is nicer too.

  2. Zed knows what she’s doing – making that sample was a very good idea (I like it on the black best).
    You may have a handful of UFO’s but next week you’ll have a handful of lovely things!

    I’m with Judith – please keep the snow on your side of the pond.

    1. I know its a good idea I just almost never do it. lol They should be done byt the week end.
      the snow is very pretty on the trees with the sun on them.

  3. love the sequin nuno piece the sample already looks like it should be a miniature book cover! how do you think you will use the rest of the fabric? I’m with Koffipot and Lyn, the rain is bad enough, we definitely don’t need snow!

  4. Enjoyed looking at your UFO’s, Ann. I tend to finish every project I begin before beginning a new one, except when really bogged down with a stubborn piece. Like Lyn says, in a few days you will have a raft of finished projects–not a bad strategy!

    Beads and sequins are rather fragile…did you felt from the bottom up?

    1. I did very little rubbing on the back side. I use think plastic to cover with. then rolled around a towel( hand towels it was a small piece) and warped a towel around it and popped it into the dryer while I was working one something else. I did that several times and it was done. I did not scrunch or throw because of the beads and sequins. I usually have several peices going a the same time.

  5. I have one UFO too today – waiting for some felt Liquorice Allsorts to dry until I can slice them into sweets! I love that it is not only me, that finds it, not always necessary to finish an item the same day! It kind of takes the stress out of the situation – because the truth is, sometimes we are interrupted by something more pressing or sometimes, the inspiration just is not there. Thanks for sharing your UFO’s today.

  6. Looks like you’ve got a great range of stuff getting made Ann. You made me laugh when you said you were “pretending to be Zed”. I don’t always make samples either but most of the time when I do, it is worth it since I always learn something. I have so many UFO’s at the moment that I definitely need to call NASA.

    1. Yes I hate having all the same thing to do. I like to mix it up. I always recommend people do samples but I rarely take my own advice. I bet you weren’t very impressed with my little bit of snow.

    2. We have only had a skiff of snow here so far. It’s been really cold though so it might as well be snowing so we have a good base for skiing season.

  7. Interesting to see how Nuno felting works on open weave fibres and not just silk – I haven’t been brave enough to try anything but silk given that I’m a beginner. Love the black background through the beads and sequins. Keep the snow and cold, thanks. I’m in sunny Sydney Australia and we never have snow in Sydney but we do get cold weather. Love your work and love reading the blogs.

    1. Thank you Michele, Yes you can nuno anything with an open weave. I have been known to nuno my sear nylon curtain cover to a scarf. I can’t imagine Christmas without snow . It wouldn’t be right.

  8. I’m looking forward to seeing them finished, Ann 🙂
    I think I only got into doing samples or small pieces when I started running out of felt offcuts for collages 🙂 I’ve only got natural wools/fibres now though! It does look nice, even just as it is.

  9. It’s great you have so much going on! I love the beads on black, too! Good luck with all your new goodies!

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