A New Home for my Guild

A New Home for my Guild

I belong to the Ottawa Valley Weavers and Spinners Guild. http://www.ovwsg.com/ . About 2 years ago the building we were in was sold. Along with several other non profit groups we had to find a new home. We are now moved and almost set up. We are waiting for the completion of a storage area that will be in part of the building that is still under renovation.

Here are some Pictures of the space that is ours.

looms library 2 library 1 kitchen end

The open cabinets and the white cabinets are our guild library. On the table waiting for its space to be cleared is a walking wheel that was donated to our guild and refurbished by a member.

This is where we hold our meetings. It is the hall that belongs to the Unitarian church.


When the renovations are complete we will have access to a couple more rooms that we can use for teaching.

We also got a new fiber prep cart that will be available for use at the guild. and a new dying cart for use at the guild.

fiber prep cart dye cart

Lastly a really cool piece of show and tell. It is a piece of loom woven copper. it was woven on an 8 harness loom. It will end up as the trunk of a tree  sculpture.

woven copper

18 thoughts on “A New Home for my Guild

  1. Our senior’s fine art guild is now going through this same change, due to renovations going on in our former space. This is a great opportunity for us also, as we will be moving to a bigger space. It is all very exciting, isn’t it?

  2. It looks like a terrific space with plenty of room and light. Please post pics of the copper tree when it’s done it looks intriguing.

    1. There is lots of light and the library is easily accessible. the library has been in some very small spaces including a closet along the way. Not great when all 3 of the librarians (I am one) are rubinesque in shape.
      The tree is part of a much larger project and I don’t know the time line for it. I will take pictures of what ever she brings in and I hope we will get to go see the finished project.

  3. Looks like a wonderful new home for the guild. It’s nice to have more space. I would be interested in seeing the tree project as well. Is it something the guild is working on or one person’s project?

    1. We are hoping this will be our last move. We moved buildings once and then within the building 3 times in in the last 10 years. I gather there were a couple of move in the few years before that.
      The tree is one members project. I think she said she got a grant to work on it. She does a lot of work with weaving metal.

  4. The copper piece looks really interesting Ann and it’ll be great to see the progress. Your new space also looks brilliant with much more room and light for you all. Have fun xoxo

  5. It looks like you got a really nice space there, Ann 🙂 I’d be interested in the progress of the copper piece too, it’s gorgeous.

  6. What a wonderful space! I’m sure you’re all going to enjoy your activities there. and that woven copper looks amazing!

    I wish there were something like that here, but we’re in a small rural market town, so not much chance, even though we’re surrounded by that raw material which goes “baa”! 🙂

    Have fun! As if you need telling! 🙂

    1. It is a really nice space and so sparkly new too. You could always start a small group of fiber people. The library may give you space to meet. i would bet that if you advertise at the library you would get some interest. Guilds all start small. My advice is to be inclusive. let knitters spinners felters weavers whoever wants to get together and share.

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