A Busy Week and an Half

A Busy Week and an Half

I went to a small sale the other weekend. It was at a small pioneer village. http://www.langpioneervillage.ca/

I demonstrated spinning with a drop spindle and sold 10 drop spindle kits. I think I could have sold 10 more if I had had them.

lang museum

The museum is also working on getting an old Jacquard loom working. This is the one that will stay as just a static display.

lang jaquard loom

If you are old enough you will probably think the cards look like computer punch cards but these pre date computers by quite a bit. The cards are the pattern, they are sewn together. I will post more pictures of the loom over on the forum. http://feltandfiberstudio.proboards.com/thread/1059/jacquard-loom

After the show I stayed wit my friend Maureen who owns Dreamspin Fibres,  http://www.dreamspinfibres.ca/ (shameless plug for a friend) I made a hat using prefelt. I hadn’t done that before.

pink and green hat

The green stuff is some of that strange yarn everyone is knitting and crocheting the spiral scarves with. It is a tube so I cut the tube up one side and opened it out. It came out great.

Then this Monday I taught a bobble cuff workshop for the first time. The ladies in the class where a lot of fun. Audrey’s granddaughter was there and very interested so I gave her some wool and she made a small picture in a plastic bag and I showed her how to make a tube bead with some pencils.

cuff class

By the end of the class they had the marbles in the cuffs. The cuffs have to dry before you can cut them to get the marbles out. They will do that today. I made everyone a sample with marbles in them so they could try cutting the felt while I was still there.

cuff class finished

That’s been my very busy week and a half. I almost forgot to do my post today as I was busy making hats and scarves for a sale I have on September 7 and 8 in Almonte. http://mvtm.ca/museum/?page_id=2675 If you are in the area come out and say hi.

12 thoughts on “A Busy Week and an Half

  1. Looks like a productive and fun week! I wish I were closer the fairs look interesting. Good luck!

  2. I liked to see the little girl joining in and obviously having a lot of fun.

    The hat is very stylish – did using the pre-felt from Dreamspin Fibres make the process much easier? The fancy yarn made a lovely pattern.

    1. She was very good she listened to what to do and got on with it. The ladies did have fun and where a riot to do a class with. Doing that style of hat with prefelt was very fast, more expensive though. You do have to sew the top on so that’s extra. it doesn’t take long but that’s some of the finishing work we aren’t always good at getting too. 🙂

  3. What’s in your drop spindle kits besides a drop spindle? The hat is cool. Did you like using the prefelt for making a hat? The bobble cuff participants look like they had fun and made cool bracelets. That does seem like a very busy week!

    1. Thanks Ruth, I really like the way the hat turned out. in the kits I put instructions and some white wool and some dyed wool about 50 grams total. I painted some of the spindles and left some natural. the coloured wool attracts people. I sell them for $15.

  4. hi Ann, can you do a demo on here sometime, of how to make a Bobble Cuff? Mostly because I want to experiment with that idea of putting balls into the wool but not sure where to start or what to do. I’d like it to be on flat felt like you created. I love the picture the little girl made too!

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