Fingerless Mitts or maybe they are Gauntlets or Wrist warmers

I decided I want to sell some fingerless mitts this fall. Or maybe they are gauntlets or wrist warmers? Does anyone know what the difference is?

First I have to make a pair of resists. I traced my arm from knuckles to almost my elbow.  then measured around my arm to see how much I had to add for depth. then I figured on 30% shrinkage.

fingerless mitt resist

Naturally I picked purple wool. I used about 60 grams for the pair. mostly because that is what was in the ball of wool I grabbed.




fingerless mitts ready to felt

Here they are finished

fingerless mitt finnished

They turned out fine and they fit me and my much thinner daughter so sizing is good.  I may add some stitching and beading.  I think they are a little heavy or thick. I was going to put a thumb hole in but I think it would be uncomfortable with the thickness. Next time I think I will use 40 grams of wool and see how that goes.  I may try making the part over the hand pointed too. I think it would look nice.


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16 Responses to Fingerless Mitts or maybe they are Gauntlets or Wrist warmers

  1. Marilyn Nelson says:

    Very nice. I think thin would be better. I’m trying to imagine how these are worn. Over or under something? I’m not familiar with this, but I think they’re cool.

    • Thank you Marilyn. I think over shirt sleeves but under a coat. More a fashion thing than a practical one when they are so long. I use fingerless mitts when I need my fingers but it is cold.

    • Marilyn Nelson says:

      Ok that makes senses. I’ve just never seen them. I like the idea though. J

  2. Marilyn Nelson says:

    Sorry i didn’t get a chance to edit before send LOL

  3. Lyn says:

    They do look pretty – lovely colours and pattern, and added stitching/beading could look too – and I would call them wrist warmers …

    … gauntletts are full gloves with long, loose wrist cuffs that extend up the arm, and fingerless mitts are just like gloves but the actual fingers and thumbs look as though they’ve been cut off about 1cm from where they started.

  4. ruthlane says:

    The design is lovely Ann. I usually say go for it on stitching and beading but with wearables you have to make sure the beads will stay on. Also, if you’re selling these, you’ll have to think about the time it takes to add the extras and what price works for selling. I like them just the way they are. And I agree, thinner would be better.

    • Thanks Ruth. I know what you mean about the time to embellish. Maybe I can have a couple of price points. of course my I always have good intentions about embellishing but that doesn’t always happen.

  5. zedster66 says:

    Gorgeous colour and patterns, Ann 🙂
    I’d agree with Ruth about the beads, especially if these go under a coat, they might get snagged off. Very nice 🙂

  6. Billie says:

    Ann, Love these and the color.
    Lyn, I thought fingerless gloves where the ones with no finger tips and fingerless mittens had no fingers except for the thumb which was part of a finger or just a slit for your thumb. I bought what was advertised as fingerless mittens for my mom. They had no fingers, a slit for your thumb and just covered your hand. They ended at the start of your wrist. I loved them but when I went to buy more they were sold out. I talked to my felting instructor and I think she said she didn’t know if I could felt a pair because the felt would have no “give” to stretch over your hand.

    • You do need to leave enough room at the wrist part to squeeze your hand through. The alternative would be to make them larger then cut and overlap. Use buttons to close them. I may do some like this. providing my “round toit” can be found.

  7. wendy says:

    they are really cool, love the swirl motif

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