More Progress

More Progress

Another progress report on my mixed media journal for Rainy

So we’ve gone from here last week


I played around with the colors that much it wasn’t funny lol  but when i was sort of happy with it

rainys1 I  covered the whole thing Bitumen and waited for it to dry


 then its rubbed back with white spirits to reveal the colors underneath and some foil

Once it was wiped back I still played with the colors but all in all im generally happy with it

The bits that look like little white pieces are actually the foil coming through, in person it looks so much better and the foil showing makes it look pretty cool, I wish i could take a better photo so it would show up better,  I really hope she likes it !!


Then of course I had to try another one, so this is the first parts of laying out something, still no design as I was just playing,


I also added folded up foil like a pleat and some fibre, then paint in greens and blues with a bit of white and yellow.

After the bitumen was rubbed back this one revealed so much more foil that it looks pretty cool, and I really like the colors . but which way is up lol  ???

which way2

I know it doesn’t really matter right now. but i do want to make something with a purpose soon 🙂

which way1

This next one is for another very close friend ( Mary) to record her dreams  and called Dream Time ( orginal hey !  )  I’ve added those colored stips to see what will happen when I use the paint, bitumen and spirits, i’ll do much brighter colors for our  colorful Mary lol  and  i’d like to try to add some silk in with this one as well so we’ll see how it turns out. So far i’ve use foil !  tiny little bells, it might give a tinkle now and then lol, some foam and other beads and of course a key 🙂 i’ll try to add some silk over the butterfly.


So that’s my week,  I really hope your all enjoying yours !!!

14 thoughts on “More Progress

  1. They look really good, Kaz 🙂
    I bet Rainy will love her book and be encouraged to get back into art.
    It’s amazing how different the second one looks. I like the top photo best. I like the coloured strips on Mary’s is that the colour theme you’re going with?

    1. Thanks Zed, I hope she does, I just thought i’d put some color under the paint and then when its rubbed back i’ll see if it shows through, Shes loves bright so I have to make this one pop lol

  2. You have done a lot of work on these. I never heard of the black substance you call Bitumen. I wonder if it has another name here. It is good to experiment before you do a major project. You are on a roll now. Love it.

    1. Thankyou Judy, Bitumen is tar, the stuff that goes on roads or used as a paint to seal, when its dry you cant shift it unless you use white spirits and that strips it back.and then you can still add to it over the top. You can get the same effect with burnt umber paint although no where near as dark,

  3. Haven’t you been the busy girl! They all look great and it’s good to experiment first before trying a planned project. I think both of your friends will love their books.

    1. Thanks Ruth, I’m enjoying playing around and i’m getting ready to try a real abstract piece but one that has a meaning lol

  4. Rainy’s book should inspire her to get out her art materials again = how could she not after all this work you’ve put in to make such a beautiful sketch book. 🙂

    The other is looking good too, which way up? I don’t think it matters, both look equally good.

    Judy, bitumen is sometimes called asphalt. It’s a naturally occurring viscous form of petroleum.

    1. LOL no Judy you can buy it in a small can and here its called Ormondoid Bitumen Paint . Its a protective coating for metal surfaces but it can be used on just about anything i think. Its quite cool to use because its so different and once its rubbed back with the white spirits it leaves a really nice aged affect 🙂

    2. Thanks Judith, I hope it does inspire her and for the first one I probably spent way more time fiddling than I should have, but i’m pretty happy with the finished book.

    1. Thanks Ann The first time i saw someone use it i thought “what the” but it works perfectly 🙂

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