Print to Stitch Lichen

Print to Stitch Lichen

I finally finished my last print to stitch piece from my class homework. This piece was all stitched by hand and I started it in class on September 8th. I finished it on November 22. I can’t say that I worked on it every day but I did spend 3-4 hours per week on it. I thought it was never going to be finished. But I made it just in time. I go back to class on November 28th.

This is the original photo. It is a rock with various kinds of lichen on it. The photo was cropped and printed on to fabric. And then I started stitching. I stitched and stitched and stitched…

Here is the finished piece. You should be able to click on the photo to get a better look at the stitching. Most of the stitches are detached chain stitch with the thread left loose. The white parts at the  bottom are painted and heated Tyvek.  The background stitching is seed stitch. All the orange stitching was done with a variety of shades of orange which were hand dyed. I am so happy it’s finished!

18 thoughts on “Print to Stitch Lichen

  1. Very, very impressive. It looks so real, even better than the photo. Stitching on printed fabric is an amazing concept. My eyes will not longer let me do the long hours of close work. But I would like to try this with some machine threadwork and mix in hand stitches and beading. Going to try this, for sure. Thanks.

  2. I can’t imagine that it’s stitching and made by hand!.. A complete illusion of the true thing! And just very beautiful!

  3. Wow Ruth i’ve missed so much, this is truly amazing and i agree with Judy that it looks better than the orginal, that tyvek is so effective isnt it. You must be so happy with your course because your doing beautiful work 🙂

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