Suggestions Please

Suggestions Please

I haven’t had much free time to felt or make things lately, but making the collage notebook cover made me realise I could have a sewing project on the go that I could spend 15 minutes on here and there when I feel like taking a break (instead of watching cat videos on youtube!) I still had my felt offcuts to hand so I made myself a glasses case to match the notebook. I needed a sturdy one for the glasses I keep in my bag, so they don’t get damaged by all the other useless stuff I pile in there 🙂

I got some nice fabric from Ikea a few years ago and used some to make a nice lining.

When I was sorting through my spare felt and offcuts, I came across a few pieces of felt that I made earlier in the year to use for stitching practice. You may remember a few of us said we were going to do the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge? I did try and probably lasted about 10 weeks, but I found the instructions too hard to follow. Ruth kindly looked up videos to help us, but sometimes there wasn’t one available, so I lost interest when I was spending more time looking for understandable instructions than actually doing the stitch. So, now I have 4 spare pieces of felt and thought I would ask everyone for their suggestions what to do with them. These first two are both about 8 x 12 inches

And these two, made from all natural shades of Merino and Bluefaced Leicester are about 10 x 12 inches

I look forward to hearing your suggestions and I will post photos of what I finally decide to do with them 🙂

15 thoughts on “Suggestions Please

  1. That’s a gorgeous glasses case – and practical too.

    Have you considered doing a stitched or needle felted collage (or use both techniques on the same piece) with all your felty bits? You’d probably want to use more than the pieces you’ve shown in this blog post though.

    How about a geometric or abstract pattern or a landscape impression for instance.
    Don’t know if you remember my sea dragon and pasty pirate, but they are both cobbled together from scraps.

  2. Like Lyn I was going to suggest you use it as a background for cuttoffs and stitching. Practice free motion embroidery. or cut them up and reassemble into something else. The small trees I did didn’t take much time or room to wet felt.

  3. What do you mean by stitching practice? Machine stitching or specialty hand stitching like embroidery?
    I have a basket of test patches, too so I’m interested in what others may suggest. I’m sure you must already have all the lamp mats you need, but in case you don’t, you could always stick them under lamps!

  4. Thanks for the suggestions 🙂
    I do remember your sea dragon and pasty pirate Lyn 🙂
    I don’t have a cell phone, but my mum does, so that’s an idea to keep in mind.
    Using them as a background or coasters was all I’d come up with so far 🙂

    Terri, Take a Stitch Tuesday was learning hand stitches, I started using scraps of felt, but thought it’d be nice to use all the stitches I learned on some bigger pieces, so I made these with some line/patches on them to follow, but then I never got around to using them. I’m not sure I have the patience for hand embroidery and can’t control the machine speed so don’t really want to waste them practising yet 🙂

  5. I make eye glass cases and fun to make as gifts too. You can make a money pouch, cell phone case, mini camera case or anything small you might have and needs a case. I haven’t done a felted one, but plan on practicing this year.


  6. They would make great Christmas ornaments. I know they aren’t traditional ornament colors but I think cutting two layers in different shapes and then zigzagging around the edge with a little ribbon hanger would be cool. Then they could be little last minute holiday gifts or tags for presents etc.

  7. I love the patchwork Zed it look very cool, I like Ruths idea of making them into decorations maybe using some red and green zig zag stitching or make them into Christmas lolly bags and fill em up. I’ll have one of those lol

  8. i got into needle-felting this summer and whenever i am going out to do errands i pop into my picket a small project like a heart-shape partially started with a needle inserted into the middle of the heart (so i don’t stab myself) so i can work on it whenever i am stuck waiting in line, waiting in a doctor’s office, waiting to meet a friend~ or even while i am talking to a friend. no more boring moments and i get a lot done.

  9. I have been testing out a few ways of using up smaller bits of felt, it is turning to summer down here so not much call for big felted scarves and wraps. I have been stitching and beading small bits to make brooches, in fact it was Zed doing Take a stitch Tuesday that started me off on that path, I really wanted to improve my hand stitching, i did not do the challenge every week, just when I could.
    I have also done a couple of glasses cases too, I like the look of yours being lined though Zed as it finishes it off nicely. I have covered a couple of little notebooks, and made some coin purses. Yesterday I had a play with making big hair clips, I have got wild fuzzy hair so need big clips! and I like felt as it is nice and light, not sure what I think of them yet. Will post a photo to Studio flickr site and you all can let me know what you think.

    1. Forgot to say I love the look of your spare bits!
      and cuffs are another option for using up small bits.

  10. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone 🙂
    Maybe I should try a few different things like needlefelting and beading and even stitching again, I could pick those kinds of things up when I have the time.
    I saw your hairclips, Jane, they’re really nice 🙂
    I saw these by fleur de fibre today hand dyed mohair socks.
    I’m wondering now if I might try some over dyeing at least on the orangey pieces.
    I’ve got lots of great ideas to keep me going, thanks!

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