Blue and Zig Zags

Blue and Zig Zags

I made another piece of felt just for fun recently, this time using blue shades of merino wool and blue, green and purpley shades of fabrics and fibres.

I really love this part, it’s synthetic fibres from a novelty yarn, but looks like curly wool.

For the last 25 years or so, I’ve been using an old Singer sewing machine. The electrics were too dangerous, so I removed them and worked it by hand. It was slow going and gave me Popeye forearms (or ‘arm’, just the one on the right!) but it worked well enough for what I needed it for. When I started felting and the world of fibres and fabrics opened up, I started to covet other people’s fancy machines, especially ones that could do zig-zag stitch. I did occasionally think about buying myself a new one, but it seemed a bit frivolous to spend money on something just to add zig-zags to things occasionally 🙂 And then a couple of weeks ago, my Mum gave me her machine. I was worried that now I had a fancy machine I wouldn’t even be able to thread it, but it was quite easy really. I started off by practising straight stitches and trying to control the speed-I still can’t do that, it seems my foot only has two speeds, full pelt or excrutiatingly slow. But I managed to add stitching to a nuno sample I’d made. Feeling a bit more confident, I added some shapes from scrap felt, and finally used the zig-zag stitch

I’ve got a big collection of felt off cuts, so I cut a few into strips and made some bookmarks too

I know I need to practise a bit more, especially using zig-zags to do edges, but I’m not as scared of it as I was a week ago! Have you tried anything new recently?

12 thoughts on “Blue and Zig Zags

  1. Wow! You have been busy – and achieved an awful lot in a short time!

    I absolutely love the piece you did ‘just for fun’ because the colour combo is scrummy and I’m sure it’ll get turned into something very pretty.

    Zig-zag is great isn’t it? Do you have a heavy foot or is something amiss with the foot pedal? I’m asking because a while back I couldn’t control the speed on my machine. It was like 0-60mph in a nano second. It turns out there was a fault in the foot pedal and it was easily repaired.

    1. Thanks, Lyn 🙂
      I’ve probably just got a clumsy fat foot to match my sausage fingers 🙂
      I think I need to work on the pedal and getting the speed sorted before trying anything else. It does seem do-able if I can be patient. I’m not sure my mum even used it.

  2. Look at you go. Just for fun can really take you to great pieces. Next step is to put the feed dogs down and do some free motion embroidery. I am hoping that after Christmas I will have some time to try it.

    1. Thanks Ann 🙂
      I’m not sure I can do that on my machine, but I’ll look into it.

  3. Great work Zed! I think you are making great progress. The main way to improve is practice. You can always cover the feed dogs if you can’t lower them.

  4. Wow Zed you go girl, love the colors in the just for fun piece and bookmarks, and the added scraps and stitching to the nuno sample looks gorgeous, you’ll be a master of that machine before you know it. xoxoxo

    1. Thanks, Kaz 🙂
      After learning how to control the speed, I need to learn how to get the ‘other’ stitches, there’s more shown than I can find!

  5. Love that blue just for fun piece. Looks and sounds like you are having good fun with your new machine. I liked Ruths tip about covering the feed dogs, my machine is pretty old and I have not figured out how to drop them manually so that is good to know.

    1. Thanks, Jane 🙂
      Yeah, it has been fun, I’ve still not got the hang of speed though. My other machine is very old too, I might try it on that aswell.

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