4th Quarter Challenge _ Weather

4th Quarter Challenge _ Weather

We’ve actually had such a long cold wet winter here in oz that the site of some sunshine is so lovely and with the weather finally starting to warm up I found myself at the beach briefly the other day just taking in the ocean and some warmth, so I thought for this challenge we could felt a piece depicting our own weather no matter where in the world we live, and be it the ocean and sunshine or freezing temperatures with your lovely snow topped mountains, its your seasons.

And just a couple of lovely pictures of our Island in the sun !!

This is a place called the Nobbies were all the little fairy penguins live

Just a gorgeous sunset on the Island, would make a gorgeous felt piece

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s weather challenge to see the difference in our temps right now. Happy Felting and we’d love to see you in our interactive forum where we all love to share some great information or just have a chat, so come along and join in the fun http://www.feltandfiberstudio.com/

12 thoughts on “4th Quarter Challenge _ Weather

  1. This is Karen’s Challenge really, she is having trouble accessing the blag so I posted it for her. I think I can do this one. I can do a white piece of felt and cal it snow. ;O)

  2. It’s been cold and drippy here with all the fog, then 2 1/2 days of blazing hot sun, now the fog is back, it rolled over everything in about 10 minutes. So my choice would be gray and yellow, with some green from my garden and the kelp from the ocean thrown in! I live in Montara, CA on the coast near San Francisco.

  3. Great Challenge, Kaz 🙂
    I agree with Lyn, it can be shorts weather one day and hat, coat and scarf weather the next. Or is that Summer? 😉
    I love the sunset picture.

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