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My camera started to die a few weeks ago, I could hear the focusing mechanism straining and the majority of photos were blurred, even more than I usually get trying to focus on soft fibres 🙂  So, a lot of … Continue reading

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The Final Pear

I have been busily machine stitching to finish my class homework. We are supposed to try out various methods and techniques of machine embroidery. On my personal blog, I posted the first two pears. One was done with granite stitch … Continue reading

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Third Quarter Studio Challenge

The theme for this quarter’s Studio Challenge is ‘Australia’. What do you picture when you think of Australia? Is it the unique wildlife like Koalas, Kangaroos or maybe the Duckbilled Platypus? Maybe it’s the red soil and impressive landscapes? Perhaps … Continue reading

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Wrist Cuffs

A couple of months ago, I thought I’d have a go at making a wrist cuff and really liked the results. I’ve been using a lot of fabrics in my felting lately and thought I’d try a few more cuffs … Continue reading

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Finding a Venue for Your Work

There are many options for selling your work available and not all of them are the right place for what you make. It is important to find a venue that fits your particular type of work and the appropriate customers … Continue reading

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A Peek Into my Homework Sketchbook

For my class homework this time, I am working on sketching botanicals and then stitching them on various fabric bases with free motion stitching on the sewing machine. Some are supposed to be black and white and some painted after … Continue reading

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The Complete Photo Guide to Felting

I just got the news that my book has arrived at the warehouse. (Much hopping up and down and waving of arms in the air going on here.) The publisher is now in the process of filling all pre-orders, so … Continue reading

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