Second Quarter Abstract Challenge

Second Quarter Abstract Challenge

I have been working on Ann’s abstract challenge throughout the quarter but haven’t had that much time to put into it. If you didn’t see my earlier posts, here is the first one and the second post. Basically, I took one of my sketches and then “abstracted” it in Photoshop Elements. I’m not sure it is really that abstracted but it is certainly a change from the original sketch. I was planning on felting a piece but just didn’t have the time. Instead, I machine stitched a piece and can use it for my stitch class homework too.

This is the original sketch in my studio journal done with watercolor pencils.

Here is the photo after being “abstracted” in Photoshop.

Here is my interpretation on fabric. The colors are off as this was taken indoors. I fused a lightweight cotton to heavy Kona cotton and then stitched the outlines of the trees. On the foreground trees, I stitched outlines of the black marks on the trunks. I then colored in the piece with permanent markers and added the shadowing with colored pencil. I forgot to take any photos just showing the stitching.

Here it is in my sketchbook. I stitched around the edge and trimmed it. This is closer to the true colors of the piece. I like how it turned out but it isn’t really that abstract.

Here’s closer view so perhaps you can see the stitching. You can click on any of the photos to see a bigger view. I really enjoyed this challenge and for me, it was a challenge. As I said in my prior posts, I don’t feel comfortable doing abstract work. And I’m not sure that this piece would be really classified as abstract but it is certainly different from what I would normally do. So thanks Ann for the challenge!


14 thoughts on “Second Quarter Abstract Challenge

  1. The final piece is a really pretty interpretation of your original sketch and demonstrates how useful photoshop can be for getting ideas. I like the stitching.

    The challenges are a good idea – keep them coming please.

    1. Thanks! I’m looking forward to the next challenge as well. It’s always interesting to see everyone’s interpretations.

  2. That’s really good, Ruth! You really captured it well, and I think it works really well as an abstract, it’s simple yet really obvious what it is 🙂

  3. I do a lot of abstract work. But abstracted images are very subjective. Just changing the color of a very realistic cow to blue, is considered abstraction. Abstraction can be defined as seeing something as if it is in a dream. Cows become blue, dogs can dance a jig, trees can take on different shapes. Just like in a dream. Hope that helps.

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