Egyptian Cotton

One of my favourite fibres to use in felting recently is Egyptian Cotton. It smells, looks and feels gorgeous. Egyptian cotton top is soft and silky, but it has a short staple length. I realised when I was making some blends of wool and other fibres for a recent project, that for blending, cotton works well if it is fluffed up or carded first. The soft fluffy wisps of carded cotton reminded me of clouds and sea foam on waves, so I blended some of the cotton fibre with a few different blue shades of merino and made an abstract wet felted piece in sea and sky colours.

Egyptian cotton top and merino wool

 I have a nice wooden picture frame and cream photo mount that I think this would look good with. Have you tried cotton fibre? We’d love to hear about your experiences with cotton fibre, whether it be dyeing, spinning, felting, weaving or anything else. Post a link in the comments, or if you’ve joined our flickr group, add your photos there. Photos added to the Flickr group show up on the main page of the blog. Clicking on a picture in the flickr widget takes you to the owner’s photostream.

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8 Responses to Egyptian Cotton

  1. Karen says:

    That looks beautiful Zed, i love the way you experiment with different fibres xo

  2. ruthlane says:

    Gorgeous! I think that needs a little hand stitching to finish it off 🙂 Threads on the way that might match!

  3. kipamela says:

    Great result, I haven’t been able to find a supplier of the Egyptian Cotton Top in Australia but would love to try it in felting. It’s interesting to experiment with different fibres.

  4. shepherdessann says:

    verry cool

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