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Some Felt Pictures for Summer

A while ago I saw some fused glass pictures and was inspired to make some summer beach pictures. I like the simple style of this type if picture. I spent a few evenings drawing and colouring pictures. I always forget how … Continue reading

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What I am working on

I was sitting here wondering what the post would be today when I realised it was my turn to post.  So you might guess I am running a little behind. It has turned cold her so I thought  better make … Continue reading

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Lorraine Roy Art Textiles Ann Wood’s Toadstools Celebrity Face Dresses by Erin Pearce Father’s Day Ideas from Rosie Pink Principally Felt Ribbon and Scrim Experiment Fiona’s Red Textures Ruth’s Umbrella Felting Sandy’s Needle Felted Flower     Frauke Felt’s Dyeing … Continue reading

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Mixed Media Piece From Felt Scraps

Last year I was talking about sorting my felt and fibre scraps into categories. I sorted my felt offcuts by size ranging from long and wide to short and narrow. This photo shows them. I was trying to work out … Continue reading

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Sewing and Experimenting

I’ve been trying to continue with the things I learned during Ruth’s challenge for getting 5 minutes of fibre time into each day. I don’t always manage that and often end up with one or two days where I have … Continue reading

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Here’s a few links we thought you might enjoy. http://kirstenhouseknecht.blogspot.ca/2013/03/nuno-felted-kimono-project.html Renatos Eyeglass Case This link has some fiber related tutorials but so much more that is interesting. http://www.howtohistory.com/video-tutorials/ Coiled Basketry by Tiger C http://www.fibermixedmedia.com/ Michelle Mischkulnig’s Fiber Art Kathleen Vance’s … Continue reading

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Making Things

I mentioned recently that I had a look through my box of felt pieces to make things with. I think I put as many pieces back as I kept out (I think anyone who makes felt knows how hard it … Continue reading

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Threads and Yarns

Around this time last year I was still doing the Take A Stitch Tuesday challenge. I struggled with it, and didn’t always enjoy it, but I did like what I produced when I used some felt offcuts from a piece … Continue reading

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A Little Stich Practice

I finally put the free motion embroidery foot on my Sewing Machine.  I did a small sample to see what different movements did.  I used contrasting thread so I could see what I had done better. As you can see I did … Continue reading

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http://www.megacrafty.com/2011/09/tip-easy-way-to-make-felted-balls.html Inger’s Watermelon Slippers http://thatfuzzyfeelingsblog.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/my-new-sewing-machine-progress-report.html Chain Stitched Jupiter Embroidery Mr. Finch’s Stitched Moths, Animals and Other Insects Knotted Feather Stitch Elephant http://www.liveinternet.ru/users/2964668/post113681387/ mostly Russian distaffs

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