More Tea Cozies.

As promised I will show you the finished tea cozies.

This one is reversible so you can have it red for Christmas if you like. there is no reason you couldn’t put a design on the “inside” if you liked. I just didn’t think about it until after. This one would fit most medium sized tea pots.

tea cozy orange tea cozy orange other side

This one I made so you don’t have to take it off to pour your tea. It is much more fiddly and I finished the edges with blanket stich. I also have to put a button and loop for under the handle. With felt having no stretch it won’t go over the handle other wise. I made this one thinner too. It was mostly because I wasn’t sure it was going to work and hate wasting wool on something that doesn’t work.

tea cozy black

Then I made one for my french press. I didn’t want the coffee drinkers to feel left out. It will be good to have as the only time we use a french press is when the power is out.

coffie cozy

Do you use tea cozies? I only use them when the power is out. The rest of the time my teapot sits on the stove.


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A Peek Inside My Sketchbook

Between football season, getting ready for the holidays at the store, falling down on the ice and hurting my shoulder, working up an online class and Thanksgiving, I haven’t been able to do any felting. But I’ve been adding to my sketchbook fairly regularly. I make a lot of background pages and then keep adding to them as I’m inspired. If I have left over paint or ink, I will add it to pages in my sketchbook, then I’ll add other layers as I go along. Sometimes it is hard to determine when a page is finished. Some turn out better than others, but it’s good for me to not to be “too perfect” and just let the page develop.

Sketchbook Spread

This one has quite a few layers on it. The last layer is the dark blue. I used one of my sweaters as inspiration to make the organic/leafy shapes. The hardest part was figuring out whether I was coloring in the negative spaces or not. But it all worked out in the end.

Be Bold Sketchbook Page

I made the majority of this page quite a while ago but it still needed something. I added the quote from George Bernard Shaw and the “Be Bold” and now it’s done.

Leaf Prints

This was playing around with my watercolor crayons and seeing if I could make leaf prints. The easiest way to do this was to get a little paint off the crayon, brush it on the backside of the leaf and then print. It didn’t take much paint for it to work.

Ginkgo Leaf Page

The ginkgo leaf page was printed with the large leaf several months ago. I added the other bits by printing out a few things from the internet, adding gel pen and more watercolors. Sorry the photos are a bit dark but I am doing this at the last minute and it’s dark outside.

Islands Page

I think this piece was printed first and then I used gel pens to add highlights. The brown paper had been in with my paper scraps for sometime, that’s why I can’t remember how it was done. I don’t keep very good track of what I do, I really just play around.

Iris Page

This one has some watercolor crayon that I sprayed with water and let drip down the page. Then I printed a line of bubble wrap bubbles and added the stenciled iris. The leaves and stem are cut from green paper. This one feels like it needs a bit more but I’m not sure what.

Added Gel Pen

This page had two layers of screen print. Then I outlined the blue with an orange metallic gel pen. It gives a cool reflective edge. So that’s what I have been doing in my sketchbook over the last several weeks. Sometimes these ideas get put into fiber in some way and sometimes they don’t. But it’s a fun way to try out color schemes and ideas.

Gwen Lowery Solstice Party Invite Card 2

If you’re going to be in the Seattle area on December 21st, please check out the Winter Solstice Open House being put on by Gwen Lowery. I donated a piece to be sold. You can click on the photo above for all the details.


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It’s that Time of Year

Congratulations to Jolanta, winner of the Third Birthday Giveaway #4!  Please  send me your snail mail address and I’ll put the batts in the mail to you.  I look forward to seeing how you use them. I hope you have fun!

Here in the Midwest USA, the weather has turned cold and the snow has started to fly.  With the holidays and New Year around the corner, my thoughts have turned to warmth and gifts.

I’ve wanted to experiment with cobweb felt so I made a cobweb scarf with one layer of  a merino/silk mix.  I didn’t intentionally make holes, but let the process dictate the outcome.

2014-10-16 11.25

Here are some closeups:

2014-10-17 13.39a 2014-10-17 13.39 2014-10-17 13.38

It is very lightweight but has enough fiber to keep the neck warm.

2014-10-17 13.38b 2014-10-17 13.45








Using the same type of merino/silk mix,  I made two additional scarves.  But this time I didn’t want holes, so I used two layers of fiber and carefully inspected each before felting for weak spots filling in where necessary, then checked frequently during the process.

2014-11-11 17.02 2014-11-11 16.59








Of course, with the process of rolling and fulling each ended up with some holes.  The brown more than the lilac.  I like the look of them, but disappointed in the outcome.

Last year I made my husband a scarf with the merino/silk mix, but used a prefelt between layers and it made it much heavier.  Perhaps, next time I will use an additional layer of merino  instead of prefelt for a thinner scarf.

2013-12-13 10.37

I’ve also been pod happy again and have made two more  as gifts.  I made batts using merino/silk, and merino for outside layers and Cheviot as an inner layer to give the bowl strength, but of course, it migrates through and had to be shaved.

2014-11-13 10.45

What projects have you been working on for the season?



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Giveaway Winner 3 and New Things

The winner for giveaway number 3 is Donna (comment at 1.33am, November 22, 2014) Congratulations Donna, I’ll email you to find out which set of books you’d like :)

Last week I tried a plaid design on a piece of felt. I thought I’d laid the wool out thinly enough to work how I wanted, but it’s not as see through as I’d imagined. It still turned out alright though.

??????????????????????I’ve been wanting a large fold-away felting table for years. Every now and again I start looking again, but I never see one I want which is affordable. Last time I mentioned it, Marilyn said something about a board on a table. I started wondering where I’d get a good one, then realised I was staring at an old door I’d removed years ago. It’s an inside one so it’s flat, and cheap so it’s light. I tried it out on top of a table and it worked! This is it set up for felting in the hall, I’m looking down on it from the stairs:

??????????????????????And this is what I made: A yak scarf just for me, it is so soft and warm, I wore it when I went to the Post Office the other day.


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Draw Winner and a To Small Tea Cozy.

The winner of the Nuno Felt Bracelet Kit is Kate Whyte, Congratulations.


I am holding a tea cozy class in February. I know how to make a basic tea cozy but thought I would try some different shapes for different tea pots.  This is one to a little oriental tea pot.


Here is the template I made. You can see that I traced the teapot and then added to that. The plan was to cut the handle section out and use it to fold over the lid and hold with a button and make a hole for the spout.


Here it is ready for its  rub and roll

tea cozy 2

and this was after a little rolling with the resist out.

didn't shrink

You can see it hasn’t  shrunk much but it just barely fits the teapot. I drastically underestimated how fat my little tea post is. I did not allow nearly enough room to go around it and have shrinkage.  I didn’t measure, I was being lazy and paid for it.   Oh well live and learn.  I have some other tea cozies partially made. We will see how I did with them when they are done.


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Winner #1 and Shibori

The winner of the birthday giveaway #1 for The Complete Photo Guide to Felting is Sally Gulbrandsen. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who responded. It was good to hear from all of you.

Last week, my local group met and we tried some shibori techniques. Bunny, who hosted our shibori party, has lots of examples and samples of shibori that are gorgeous. So she showed us her samples to start.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lots of them still have the folded textures and the amount of work they took is amazing. I always forget how much work shibori is until I start doing it and then I suddenly remember why I don’t do it very often. Then Bunny instructed us on doing arashi shibori which means ‘storm’ in Japanese. It is a technique where you wrap the cloth around a pole and wind tightly with thread or string. This technique gives a diagonal line reminiscent of rain. Several of us had also done a bit of stitching in advance. I stitched one of my pieces in the mokume (wood grain) pattern. Paula stitched a piece of felt with some half circles and a few straight mokume lines. After wrapping our poles, we put some in acid dye pots and the others we used Color Hue dyes that require no setting or heating for protein fiber. The Color Hue dyes are quick and easy so if you haven’t done any dyeing before, it might be an easy start for you to try. Bunny ordered them from Dharma Trading.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think we got some really great results. We had a fun afternoon but we all decided that shibori gives you quite a workout! If you’ve done any shibori, we’d love to see what you have done. Come on over to the forum and post about it!

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Third Birthday Giveaway #4

Today is my turn for a birthday giveaway.  What better way to celebrate than with fiber!

Since I received my new drum carder, I’ve been making good use of it for my projects, but it also gave me the opportunity to offer batts for the giveaway.

2014-11-15 14.59

The  “Santa” batt is 1.4 ounces and contains red hand dyed Cheviot, black Corriedale, black bamboo, angelina, mulberry silk and three shades of red merino along with some gold floss.

The “Ocean” batt is one ounce and contains hand dyed teal/turquoise Domestic 56, Romney and alpaca/silk; three shades of merino, angelina and mulberry silk.

The “Purple People Eater” has hand dyed Cheviot in purple, purple haze, and gray along with five shades of purple merino and a purple/red merino silk mix.  It is 1.3 ounces.

2014-11-15 14.58

To enter please  leave a comment below on this post before Saturday, November 29.  I will draw a name randomly from the comments. The winner will be announced in my post on November 30. Anyone can win, no matter where you live. Please contact me with your snail mail address if you win to make sure I know where to send  your prize.  Anonymous comments won’t work. Be sure to spread the word and share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other  social media or just tell your friends. Thanks!

Good luck!

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