Other Fibers

There are lots of different fabrics and fibres which, although they don’t felt on their own, work very well blended with wool or as a surface design incorporated into the felt.

Examples of fabrics which felt well are: Lightweight silks, organza and cotton scrim or cheesecloth. The structure of these fabrics, being lightweight and fairly open weave, means that the wool fibres can ‘push though’ and grip the fabric to felt it to the surface. The basic rule for whether a fabric will felt is to try blowing through it, if you can feel your breath, it’ll probably felt. Fabrics can also be ‘anchored down’ with wisps of wool over the top.

Other commonly used fibres are: Viscose, Silk products, Bamboo fibre, and Ramie which is made from nettles. These are natural fibres. Some typical man made fibres commonly available are: Nylon, plastic, fancy yarns and Angelina fibres.

Silk gives us many different types of fabrics and a great number of silk products from cocoons to silk top.

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