Felting comes in many forms and fashions but basically it is the matting together of fibers, usually wool, to form an object or flat piece of non-woven material. Felting does not involve knitting, weaving or crocheting. The process is started with loose wool or other fibers that felt, not yarn. The basic types of felting are wet felting, needle (or dry) felting, and nuno (or laminate) felting.



Felting is very versatile and there is really no wrong or right way to felt. The different types of felting can be combined and don’t feel you have to felt in a certain way. Experiment with different techniques and find what works best for you. The explanations that are given here are the ways that we tend to felt but if you find something that works better for you, go for it. We love to hear about a new felting tip or a new way to use a tool so do feel free to leave a comment about how you like to felt.

We love comments and love to hear your opinions. Thanks for stopping by.

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