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Recent pieces

I haven’t really done much since the craft fair a couple of weeks ago, but I do have a few pieces I finished before that I haven’t posted about. This first one is another Diary. It didn’t sell at the … Continue reading

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Felted Cat Toy Tutorial

I had several people who had questions about the cat toys that I make that are felted. So here’s a little tutorial that shows how I make my cat toys. I apologize for the quality of the photos as I … Continue reading

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Busy Busy

I haven’t been doing any felting  this week that I can tell you about. It’s all been for the Holiday exchange on the forum. I will show it to you after my exchange partner has it. We had a Christmas show at … Continue reading

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Umbrella Tree Completed

I finished the umbrella tree and finally got some halfway decent photos taken. I will be submitting this to the “Shelter” Exhibition being held in October. I still have to write up my entry and figure out an artist’s statement … Continue reading

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Wool for Sheep

In my last post I talked about getting some felted body parts ready for making sheep pins.  The other thing the sheep need so they will not be naked is wool. First I had to pick curls out of … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces

This week has been about getting things moving towards upcoming shows. I spent an afternoon wrapping soap in wool and putting them in little nylon bags ready to felt. I sent another afternoon getting sheep parts ready to felt. The … Continue reading

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Growing Roots and a Bit of Ground

I have been continuing to work on my exhibition piece and it is getting closer to being finished. I started with felting a bunch of rocks, then ground to cover the base and last I made roots. Now I just … Continue reading

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Felted Flowers

It has been busy around here as we are starting at a new Farmers’ market this weekend and we have been getting ready. This was difficult because they hadn’t sent us any thing about being accepted until a few days … Continue reading

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Classes at the Conference

This last weekend I was teaching at the Ontario Handweavers and Spinners biannual conference. Here are pictures of the Nuno felting class. There where only 3 people in this class. It was a preconference class. The full conference started that evening with … Continue reading

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Small Felt Art

A little while ago I ordered some pendant blanks in a variety of shapes and sizes. They open up so you can put pictures in them but you can see the picture when it is closed.  I made some small art works. … Continue reading

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