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Completed Wensleydale Lamp Shade

I finished the lamp shade this week. The process of putting the shade base together wasn’t to difficult. The directions wanted me to sew the fabric together, add a piece of Velcro and then cover the entire shade at once. … Continue reading

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And Then There Were Four

I had hoped to have a completed lampshade to show you today. But the frame is still in pieces and I haven’t figured out exactly how the cobweb felt is going on to the frame. But I do have four … Continue reading

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Wensleydale Cobweb Felt

I found two of these lampshade kits at the local thrift store about a year ago (or maybe longer). I thought it would work well with cobweb felt so since they were only $7.00 each I bought them. Then they … Continue reading

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A Trip to the Australian Sheep and Wool Show

Today we have a guest post from Felicity of flicstarstudios who is a keen fibre crafter from Melbourne, Australia. Last weekend I went to the Australian Sheep and Wool Show  which is held in Bendigo, Victoria every year. It is a … Continue reading

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Shibori Felt Sample

I have made a couple of pieces of shibori felt before but not for a while. I wanted to try it with two layers of color and cut back the top felt. This is the shibori felt I made in … Continue reading

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Ten Ideas for Increasing Your Felting Creativity

Do you generally work in the same way every time you create a piece? Do you feel like you’re in a rut and need to change up your routine? Here’s a list of 10 ways that might get you jump started … Continue reading

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Choosing A Color For Matting and Framing

Last week, I showed you the process I used for determining the value of the matting/framing for my Stewart Stephenson challenge piece. For those of you that asked, I chose value #3. The next thing I needed to do was … Continue reading

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Determining the Best Value for Matting or Framing

I have been working on  choosing the right color to paint the canvas that I am using to “frame” my Stewart Stephenson challenge piece. I thought you might be interested to see the process I have used to determine how … Continue reading

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Clamp Dyed Felt

My friend Paula took a class from Chad Alice Hagen last summer to learn to make her little felt books. The class included clamp dyeing felt and Paula graciously offered to show us the technique out our most recent meeting … Continue reading

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Challenge Piece Plus Gold Leaf

I showed my “finished” challenge piece here several weeks ago. But after I had lived with it for a while, I decided it needed something more. If you follow my personal blog or are a member of the forum, you’ll … Continue reading

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