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Breakdown Screen Printing Party

Breakdown screen printing has been around in the surface design world for a while now. I have discussed it on my personal blog but thought everyone here might be interested in the process too. My local group got together yesterday … Continue reading

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A Little Stitching

Time is flying by, isn’t it? I can’t believe it is April already. I don’t feel like I’m accomplishing much lately. But I’ll show you a little stitching I have been working on. I started working on this 5″ x … Continue reading

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When Do You Give Up on a Design?

I have been taking an online class Designing with Circles 1 and 2 by Gail Harker and wrote a post a while ago showing some samples from my sketchbook. Of course, I just showed you the pages that I liked. As … Continue reading

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Finishing and Framing

Many times after people begin felting and make several flat pieces that are to be wall hangings, they start wondering how to hang or frame their pieces. There are as many ways to hang and frame a piece as there … Continue reading

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Free Motion Machine Embroidery

We were having a discussion on the forum recently about using free motion machine embroidery on felt. I thought it would be interesting to show a variety of techniques that I have done recently (and not so recently) using my … Continue reading

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Felted Slipper Tutorial Using Ear Shaped Resist by Nada V.

Our guest post today is by Nada V. She is a forum member and had showed us a different type of resist template to make shoes/slippers. It seemed almost magical so we asked her to do a tutorial to show … Continue reading

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First Quarter Challenge – Inspired by Jackson Pollock

When I first announced the 1st quarter challenge, I knew which Jackson Pollock painting would be my inspiration – The Deep. I don’t particularly like his multi-colored paintings as I find it difficult to put all those different colors together … Continue reading

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Sample Fibers

Our guest post today is from Marilyn. *** I’ve recently purchased seven different types of fiber and decided to do a sample test to understand the feel of the fiber, how each fiber felted, shrinkage and possible uses based on the … Continue reading

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Felting Tips from the Forum

We have a wonderful community of felt makers in the forum and recently one post started a long discussion about rolling felt and the equipment used. I thought that those of you who aren’t members of the forum might like … Continue reading

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Circles Sketchbook

For Christmas, my sister gave me two online courses. I have been working on the first course, Designing with Circles 1 with Gail Harker. This is a self-paced course that includes loads of information and lots of videos and concentrates … Continue reading

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